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Gangcheon Island Ginkgo Tree Road - Korea Autumn destination

I went on a trip to Ginkgo Tree Road in Gangcheon Island, Yeoju with my niece, who is a college student want to grab autumn a little bit longer.

It is called the “island”, but the driveway has been built on both sides of the bridge, and due to the recent flood of tourists visiting the area, parking lot construction was in full swing.

Among young people who enjoy taking life shots, this place became a once in a lifetime photo shoot place with the pictures of autumn tints.

As we were on the way to Ginkgo on Gangcheon Island, we came across a suspicious scene. It seems different from all those SNS photos and many different sceneries that came up on the weekend.

I thought all the leaves of Ginkgo trees had fallen in one day and only the leafless branches were left.

But, as I went along the road, or across the grass square, I saw a scene that I wanted to see. The leaves of the ginkgo tree are still full of exclamations that they have found the right way.

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Unlike the snaps of weekend bikers, backpacking young people, and family members with crowded with people on SNS, it was a leisurely scene on weekdays.

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Gangcheon Island Ginkgo Tree Road - Korea Autumn destination

“Auntie here. This is where I wanted to shoot myself.” Then she picked up a handful of foliages and throws in the air with the signal of ‘click’ a photo.

Gangcheon Island Ginkgo Tree Road - Korea Autumn destination

Bike road passes through the way but did not see many bicycles during the daytime. There are benches and rocking chairs on the riverside, so I am thinking for a moment.

I found the real thing inside the ginkgo tree path on Gangcheon Island. There were a handful of tourists. All they had to do were a light backpacking, a lighter lunch box, a middle-aged couple on a picnic, and a middle-aged woman on a walk.

Gangcheon Island Ginkgo Tree Road - Korea Autumn destination

After all, I want to see the beautiful scenery of Ginkgo Road on Gangcheon Island for a long time. Then I sat down to see if I wanted to stay longer. This is the autumn scenery that I want to stay and remember for a long time.

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It is a good place to ride a bicycle through the Han River, the four major rivers of Korea. Children can easily ride their bikes on weekends as vehicles are not allowed inside Gangcheon Island.

Gangcheon Island Ginkgo Tree Road - Korea Autumn destination

Someone looked at the picture and said “Ginkgo foliage carpet looks like fluffy softened,” and the leaves become mushier on the floor, leaves that are well dried the muffled sound of stealthy footsteps, and autumn sunshine make the sound of autumn every time they walk

I’m not sure how long this beautiful Ginkgo foliage will remain. However, I can tell you that my visit was on November 7, 2017.

There is no admission fee to Yeoju Gangcheon Island. You can’t get into the island by car. So, you need to park at the entrance. There is a restroom inside Gangcheon Island. Of course, please note that there is a fire hazard in Gangcheon Island that prohibits cooking and drinking.

About 1.5 hours of driving distance from Seoul

Source: Gyeonggi-do Blog

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