Global Online KPOP audition platform 'V-Square'

Global Online KPOP audition platform ‘V-Square’

Global Online KPOP audition platform

The growth in the popularity and influence of K-pop has been increasing exponentially due to globalization. In recent years, it has become essential for K-pop idol groups to consist of international members in order to gain more attention and popularity.

Global Online KPOP audition platform

As this trend continues, there has been an upsurge of K-pop fans all over the world, dreaming to follow the footsteps of non-Korean K-pop idol stars such as Nickhun of 2PM and Lisa of BlackPink.

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However, the reality is that not many entertainment agencies proceed to global auditions while the demand for audition opportunities remains high. The fact that there is not a rigid IT infrastructure to satisfy the needs of the foreign K-pop fans and prospects is disheartening.

V-Square: Kpop online audition from wherever you may be

  • The launching of a global online audition platform to target every corner of the globe.
  • More than just an audition, a robust system to evaluate talent in multiple aspects

Thankfully, ‘V-Square,’ is aiming to fill the needs of both entertainment agencies and global fans through the recent official launching of an innovative global online audition platform.

V-Square creates and holds customized online auditions for entertainment agencies hoping to find global prospects, as well as publicize audition events, and hold primary screening and evaluations for the entertainment agencies to have narrowed-down secondary evaluations. The members of Sand Factory, a renowned vocal training facility in South Korea, is to be the judges for the primary evaluations.

Global Online KPOP audition platform 'V-Square'
Kicking off the audition platform off with A100 Entertainment, Illusion Entertainment, and All-S Entertainment holding their global auditions through V-Square in May, more collaboration with various entertainment agencies such as Brandnew Music is due.

V-Square- Kpop online audition

Each online audition application fee is $2.99(USD), which is very welcoming news for the international prospects as it breaks the cost barrier of off-line options they were previously limited to. The chosen candidate will be prized with an air ticket to South Korea for the final interview with the entertainment agency.

CEO of V-Square Jung-tae Hwang has quoted, “I have experienced difficulties in constructing a network between an online system fit for the global environment with an applicable business model and the K-pop entertainment agencies.” And added, “the goal is to have V-Square act as a tool for the fans all around the globe to overcome the reality of physical distance and lack of information. I hope and expect for V-Square to reach out to the many gifted and talented international fans not only as idols but in various artistic areas.”

More information about V-Square is available on the webpage, instagram, and facebook.

V-Square Audition Process

Tips of Audition on V-Square Online KPOP audition platform

1. Audition fee

  • The audition fee will go towards all services provided by V-Square and other operative costs.
  • A fraction of the audition fee will be a part of the grand prize. The grand prize may differ for each audition.
  • None of the audition fees will be a part of an agency’s profit.

2. Photo uploads

  • Please upload a total of three photos: One close-up headshot, one above the waist shot, and one full body shot.
  • Please refrain from any use of any digital adjustments including photoshop and/or apps.

3. Video uploads

  • Please upload one video of you dancing, singing or rapping. Show us the talent that you have more confidence in.

4. Videos of singing/rapping

  • Videos of singing/rapping should be on a fixed camera with a clear face shot with no accompaniment.

5. Videos of dancing

  • Every move must be clearly demonstrated within the frame yet, the camera should not be too far away.
  • The camera should be far enough to capture every move within the frame. Yet, not too far away so that the moves are clearly demonstrated.

6. Self Introduction

  • A well-organized introduction of yourself at the beginning of each video should help your video to be well received.

7. Please state your height by cm and weight by kg.


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