Good To Know, But No Matter If You don't about Coffee

Good To Know, But No Matter If You don’t about Korean Instant Coffee

coffeemix mainDo you know that a single-use instant coffee was invented from Korea?

You can easily found this invention in movies and dramas.

In 1976,One of Food development company called ‘Dong-seo Food’ made this Pre-mixed coffee, as known as ‘COFFEE MIX’ in Korea, so that you can drink coffee wherever you are. It is packaged with instant coffee containing sugar and cream(or prim). All you need to do is pour this with boiled water in a cup.

This convenient coffee became globalized enough to drink 384 cups per a year who is adult. It is very common to Korean, who likes to do anything quickly. that unseal coffeemix and stir it with package of its own.

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coffeemix main 2

However, the Food Safety Authority has expressed concern about this behavior because of the multi-layer food packaging containing the coffee mix.

This is literally a multi-layered structure, so when you open the wrapper, the cross-section will be exposed to the outside. In addition, there is a lead component in the perforated line which makes the package easy to be torn off. If hot water comes in contact with it, the material of packaging may dissolve.

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Actually, the inks that are said may able to dissolve are not a big problem because they are oleophilic, but they are mindful of small possibilities.

But if you do not have the right tools and you need to use the wrapper, it is safe to stir to the other side of the tear.

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