Gordon Ramsay was nervous in Korean cooking show

Gordon Ramsay - Please take care of my refrigerator

On December 11, JTBC “Please take care of my refrigerator,” Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay appeared for the third anniversary of the show.

Gordon Ramsay was to face the master chef of Chinese cuisine Lee Yeon-bok and Mr. Lee said, “It is a moment to feel the reward that has been cooked so far. It is the honor of the family. I will break Gordon Ramsay today and take my name to the world.” Gordon Ramsay also declared, “You think I’m nervous? I’m excited.”

In earnest, the cooking competition started for 15 minutes and Lee made ‘Final Box‘ which borrowed the nickname of the fridge owner Oh Seung-hwan’s final boss. Marinated steamed cabbage with spicy beef sashimi and avocado sauce. Mr. Lee managed to cook two dishes in 15 min.

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Gordon Ramsay made ‘Quick Beef Brisket roll‘.  One of the MC Ahn Jeong-whan looked at Gordon Ramsay’s ingredients and laughed, “Gordon Ramsay did not know how to use anchovies and herbs.” In particular, Gordon Ramsay was nervous and could not find the tool next to him. Gordon Ramsay shook his hands and even made a mistake to shed rice.

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Gordon Ramsay carefully eats the food of the chef Lee and said, “It’s pretty spicy. Good, though. I really like spicy dishes. I think it is a popular but orthodox dish. Steamed beef is not good for me. It seems to be a combination that can not be seen in Korean food. It is good, and the steamed cabbage is not good.”

However, Oh Seung-hwan, who tasted the food, raised his thumb and praised it as “Awesome, awesome!” As a result of the confrontation, Oh Seung-hwan’s dish was Gordon Ramsay’s.

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