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King Sejong the great main
Today, Hangul Proclamation Day is a memorial commemorating King Sejong the Great, the creation of Hangul in order to relieve the people’s frustration. Hangeul has been known to be a collaborative effort with scholars who are not the inventors of the King Sejong the Great. Kim Sung-joon, a researcher of the Hangul Studies Society, who...
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Oh Yeon-seo
Actress Oh Yeon-seo revealed a flawless appearance that she had been doing her job for ten days during the Golden Week holidays. Recently, actress Oh Yeon-seo gave a lively show to her fans through her instagram. Get Booking your own K-Drama private Tour Oh Yeon-seo in the open photo is gazing at the camera with...
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ROK Marine Corps
The body of South Korean marines is reminiscent of the ancient statue of a Greek sculptor. On 3rd October, Facebook page ‘Korea Marine Corps’ has’ Mr. Black dragon pictorial cut ‘was revealed and got attention. Get Booking Descendants Of The Sun + DMZ Tour In pictures, which was released for Korean Armed Forces Day, soldiers with...
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Beautiful colors and graceful designs captivate you with beautiful curves. The beauty of the Hanbok captures the attention of foreigners as well as us. The Hanbok captivated the eyes of some stars visiting Korea. It would be our main purpose to come to us friendly, but not if it was not pretty, who is wearing...
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Taxidriver title-vert
The Korean movie ‘Taxi Driver’ was selected as a representative work of Korean movie to the 90th Academy Awards in Foreign Films. The foreign language film sector, in which ‘Taxi Driver’ is shown on the Academy film, the biggest filmmaker in the United States since 1929, can only register one copy per country, which adds...
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