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Growing interest of Lotte World Halloween Festival ‘THE Virus’

There is growing interest in the Halloween festival “Horror Halloween: THE Virus” at Lotte World Adventure, which is called “Holy Land of Halloween” among teenagers.

Lotte World has announced that it has exceeded 6.5 million views this year, which attracted the curiosity of Halloween festival.

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Lotte World Event - Girls’ High School Ghost Story

Lotte World Halloween Festival is rated as having a new Halloween culture with differentiated competitiveness because it can enjoy not only ‘horror contents’ but also cute and pleasant ‘cutie contents’.

Lotte World Adventure’s “Horror Halloween”, which celebrates its third anniversary this year, presents the ultimate horror with new facilities and upgraded performances.

School of the Dead, a large Hunted House opened on July 13th, has received more than 40,000 visitors by word of mouth.

Growing interest of Lotte World Halloween Festival 'THE Virus'

At the same time as the Halloween Festival was opened, the new ‘Infection Start’ featured more than 12,200 spectators in the rides that added to the short story thriller movies and horror plays that Lotte World employees were being chased by zombies.

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Especially, at 6 pm at Lotte World Adventure Halloween Festival, Magic Island is the topic of massive zombies.

The upgraded “Control Zone” M, and the new performance “Giant Zombie Mob” will be followed by realistic zombie characters.

Growing interest of Lotte World Halloween Festival 'THE Virus'

Lotte World Adventure Horror Halloween is also added to the horror of customers who have made various dresses here.

This year, especially teenagers, making horror dresses and taking pictures in various poses, can be easily found all over the park.

‘Cute Halloween’ is also a new addition to this year and is loved by customers of all ages. Lotte World’s mascot Lotty and Lorry appeared in the media shooting game ‘Halloween Ghost Uproar ‘, and more than 15,000 people enjoyed playing games.

Other performances including the main parade “Lotty’s Halloween Party Parade” and the musical show “Dracula’s Love” are also added to the Halloween atmosphere.

The Lotte World Halloween stamp rally with mysterious apartments, which is held every weekend for five weeks from the 6th to the 4th of November, is also highly anticipated.

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Children who have received all stamps after three missions are given a chance to win a sweepstake.

Lotte World Halloween festival

According to Lotte World, SNS including Instagram and Youtube are attracting a lot of interest, with 39,000 photos and videos uploaded by customers participating in the Halloween festival directly at Lotte World Adventure.

Lotte World Adventure Halloween festivals can be enjoyed as a way to enjoy Halloween costumes and up to about 47% discount for up to one person.

Customers who have yet to make up their minds can use the Halloween makeup package, which is approximately 43% off privileged.

An official of Lotte World said, “When you visit the dressing room in the park after bringing the general use ticket purchased with the package ticket, everyone can become the main character of the Halloween festival as a ridiculous zombie dress.”

Growing interest of Lotte World Halloween Festival 'THE Virus'

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