Guess what is top on the list "A must-do in Seoul"

Guess what is top on the list “A must-do in Seoul”

Seoul Subway

Seoul is regularly featured in overseas publications as a travel destination. Highlighted are the city’s unique services and facilities implementing the latest technologies. Standing head and shoulders above the rest is the capital’s subway system.

TripAdvisor Seoul Subway

Most Seoulites travel by BMW. That is, bus, metro, and walking. And the top-notch reliability, safety and cleanliness of Seoul’s public transport has also been in the spotlight overseas. Just last year, TripAdvisor – one of the world’s biggest travel websites – listed Seoul Metro as one of the Korean capital’s ‘must-visit’ attractions. According to the website, an eye-catching perk of Seoul’s metro is the transfer system from bus to subway and vice-versa.

“Beep your card into the subway within half-an-hour of getting off the bus,… and you only have to pay an extra five U.S. cents for your trip or commute.”

Other media outlets such as CNN and BBC have also reported on the subway’s top-of-the-class wifi system that is available in every car on the train. That is just one way the subway is designed to be user-friendly,… almost 90-percent of stops have elevators and Business Insider – a New York-based news website – was impressed by the screen doors installed in 2009 for safety. Another American travel website, Wander Wisdom, ranked Seoul subway as one of the top four subway systems in Asia, saying the ‘lower level of air-conditioning’ in some carriages for people who don’t like the cold is a unique selling point.

“The instructions are very easy. The metro is pretty easy to use and very useful.” “I think it’s very clean. There are many transfers. And everywhere there is internet.”

Over 40-percent of Seoul’s residents use the subway; to say that it is the main artery of the metropolis is no understatement. And with more user-friendly amenities being built, Seoul’s subway continues to get better by the day.

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