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HaB Korea Honors Club

Recognizing our supporters


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HaB Korea Honors Club


Recognizing our Supporters

Due to the rapid spread of COVID 19 and restrictions on travel bans in many countries, the global travel industry has been put on alert. The reason why this situation is particularly difficult is that you can feel the impact of COVID 19 across the tourism industry, not just in one sector.

In addition, travel brands and marketers, who have to balance health care rules and building a consumer’s travel experience, are in a dilemma. For the travel industry, which is deeply rooted in our lives, this is an unprecedented challenge.

Unfortunately, the situation in COVID 19 has become much longer than expected, making it difficult for the HaB Korea team to operate normally. We are in dire need of your help here. It’s pretty easy to support us.

1. Please be the top fan on our Facebook page.

Becoming the Top fan is simple, take a very active part in the life of our page. This includes watching videos that are posted, liking and sharing posts, and of course commenting. In doing so, the Top fan badge is automatically granted by the Facebook algorithm.


2. Please subscribe and like our YouTube channel as much as you can.

Thankfully, with your help, our YouTube channel has finally reached over 1k subscribers! However, we need more subscribers and watching time in order to create meaningful achievements on the YouTube channel. All you can do is simple, subscribe if you didn’t yet, and enjoy our videos. If you feel really boring by any chance, you could let our Facebook and YouTube channels to your friends know, and it will be a great help.


3. You could donate a small amount of money for us.

You could donate a small amount of money if you feel like you can afford it. If you do so, we will remember you forever with gratitude for your special help. For those who made the donation, we will make it public on the special page of Facebook and our website so that we can officially thank them. You can use the PayPal link below for those who want to make donations for us.


When everything is normalized, we’re going to have a special event for our special supporters. For Facebook Top fans and YouTube subscribers, we are planning a special discount, as well as a special giveaway event of the Korea trip or KPOP camp for the supporters.

Get Contact

If you have donated to us, please let us know through comments or Facebook messages so we can recognize your help.