Hanbok captivated the eyes of some stars visiting Korea

Hanbok captivated the eyes of some stars visiting Korea

Beautiful colors and graceful designs captivate you with beautiful curves. The beauty of the Hanbok captures the attention of foreigners as well as us.

The Hanbok captivated the eyes of some stars visiting Korea. It would be our main purpose to come to us friendly, but not if it was not pretty, who is wearing a hanbok and getting closer to us?

Liu Yifei_Hanbok

Song Seung Heon’s lover Liu Yifei showed her Hanbok wearing before she met Song Seung-heon. In 2011, before going to Korea to see Song Seung-heon, she went to Korea to promote the movie ‘A Chinese Ghost Story’.

Liu Yifei was spotlighted by dressed up as hanbok in the spot where she met the Korean reporters. It was a place that was officially introduced to Korea as ‘The 2nd Wang Ji-hyeon’ as the protagonist of the ‘A Chinese Ghost Story’ remake movie, and she revealed her presence to the Korean fans with a tangy Hanbok stance on this day.

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The hanbok, which is a combination of pink and bright lemon color, attracted attention with her elegant and clean waterside look. People were amazed to see her Hanbok with a small face of 170cm tall.

Hilton Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton also wears hanbok early. Ten years ago, she appeared in MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’ in 2007 and showed her hanbok status.

‘Infinite Challenge’ was Paris Hilton’s only record-breaking program at the time of its first release. Paris Hilton has chosen the bright pink see-through hanbok as a costume for the first visit to Korea. It was a hanbok with a butterfly embroidered bright and colorful, and it fit well with Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton, who appeared on the nightfall in Namsan Hanok Village, replied, “It was my first visit to Korea, and I am pleased to meet you,” with a vigorous response to the unique reaction of the “Infinite Challenge” member.

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Jessica Alba_Hanbok

Meanwhile, actress Jessica Alba, one of the best actresses in 2012, wore a hanbok in a talk show ‘Baek Ji-yeon’s People Inside’ with Baek Ji-yeon. His hanbok was a real Jessica Alba. I took a bold design that exposed the shoulders, sexy and monotonous at the same time.

Jessica Alba focused her attention on her social networking site with pictures of Baek Ji-yeon in a tube top style Hanbok in red and white.

Chloe Moretz_Hanbok

Two years ago in 2015, Chloe Moretz, who was 18 years old, came to Korea. The sister of Hollywood’s sister found Korea because of a schedule such as film promotion and CF shooting. But in addition to the schedule, Chloe Moretz enjoyed Korea 10 times in a youthful way.

One of them is Hanbok. Chloe Moretz appeared in front of reporters wearing a pink hanbok, and even appeared in SNL Korea and acted as a daughter-in-law of South Korea. In a Korean drama, wearing a hongbok hanbok, parodies the scene of ‘Kimchi sacking’ and laughed a big smile.

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