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Hongcheon Ginkgo Forest – Autumn destination that can only be visited in October

A few years ago there was a must-see place every October. When the month of October begins, the touch and feel of the whole body are strained to select the “best day.” If you want to enjoy the charm of the place, which is the best place to enjoy autumn, you need to select the day well. Hurry up and you’ll find yourself unprepared, and if you’re lazy, they’ll already be gone. It introduces Hongcheon ginkgo forest, a secret autumn attraction that opens doors only in October of the year.

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Hongcheon Ginkgo Forest - Autumn destination that can only be visited in October

Many people do not know yet, but many people come to Hongcheon ginkgo forest in autumn. The nation’s largest ginkgo forest, which grows more than 2,000 yellow ginkgo trees, has enough charm to attract everyone, including romanticists who want to enjoy autumn in particular, photo lovers who want to leave nice pictures, and family members.

It’s not actually a tourist attraction, it’s not a park, it’s not a place managed by the state or the local government. It is purely a private garden. After owner’s wife suffered from chronic indigestion for a long time, the owner of the ginkgo forest settled down in the foot of Odaesan Mountain after hearing that the ginseng medicine, designated as a natural monument, was effective. Husband began planting ginkgo trees on a large land in hopes of his wife’s recovery. That is where the ginkgo forest of Hongcheon originated. As 30 years passed and the trees grew, the most beautiful yellow light in our country began to glow every fall. The ecstatic landscape caught people’s attention when it was revealed to some media. The owner of the restaurant opened to the public only in October of the year from 2010 to share the fall spectacle with many people.

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Hongcheon Ginkgo Forest - Autumn destination that can only be visited in October

Ginkgo trees are usually open during October and open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, the opening date may be changed by the owner’s assessment since the land is privately owned. It is located at the foot of Odaesan Mountain and has a lower temperature, so maple leaves begin earlier than other regions.

Of course, it would be best when ginkgo foliage is at their peak, but it is also quite romantic when the wind blows away. From this point on, the carpet of ginkgo leaves is covered with yellow color. When the ginkgo leaves fall in the wind, people everywhere say, “Wow!” The ginkgo leaves that fall on the floor are thrown into the sky and rolled over them, relishing autumn with body and mind. Some people lie down and enjoy the autumn days with their mat open.

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Hongcheon Ginkgo Forest - Autumn destination that can only be visited in October

If you are afraid of the smell of the ginkgo nut, don’t worry. Because these ginkgo trees are almost male trees, the smell of a bad ginkgo nut doesn’t bother the landscape. No one is enthusiastic about picking up a ginkgo nut, so it’s perfect to enjoy the natural leisure.

There are some inconveniences because it is not a tourist destination for a specific purpose, but the natural beauty of the place is still alive. It is the only ginkgo tree lined up at a distance of about 40,000 square meters. In the fall, yellow waves sway people’s minds everywhere.

Address: 686-4, Gwangwon-ri, Nae-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
Open only during October as it is a private area.
Admission Fees: Free
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