HaB Korea Local Activity Provider

HaB Korea Local Activity Provider

Share your unique experiences with 2 million foreign residents and 17 million foreign visitors.


Create and share your own unique experiences

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Tour Guide

You are already an expert in the travel industry. Do not wait for your travel agent to contact you anymore, plan your own tour package or local activity. You can also create your own team and run it as your own travel agency. You can take advantage of all the resources of HaB Korea.

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Travel snapshot demand for foreign tourists is steadily increasing. Plan your own special trip snapshot product and earn additional income. You can also run your own outdoor snap team with us. You can take advantage of all the resources of HaB Korea.

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Talented People

As a local host of HaB Korea, you can share your experiences with your foreign friends and earn money from your own activities. You can become a professional tour guide with experience, or you can run your own team providing a special experience for foreign tourists.

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Become a HaB Korea’s local activity provider

Make your tourist guiding services less hectic and more profitable with the support of HaB Korea. Our services to a local activity provider listed on our site include:

☆  Marketing initiatives/programs to promote you online
☆  Dedicated HaB Korea Teams from Engineering through to Customer Service
☆  Easy and quick registration to the site
☆  You can create your own tour packages that will be shown on your listing page
☆  No registration fee

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Share experiences with foreign tourists and find opportunities for you

HaB Korea will provide the best tours and activities

Best travel experience with HaB Korea

Seoul Certified Tours

Exemplary Member Certification

By Seoul Tourism Association

HaB Korea, which is engaged in general travel business for foreign tourists, O2O local tours and experiences platform, and tourism marketing, has been recognized as an exemplary member by the Seoul Tourism Association

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Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame

Certificate of Excellence

By TripAdvisor

HaB Korea has been selected as one of the Certificate of Excellence 2019 winners. As a result, HaB Korea was honored to receive TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years.

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You’re in good company

Join 100+ businesses and partnerships with HaB Korea

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Share experiences with foreign tourists and find opportunities for you

Provide a special experience 

A local host can be a tour guide, a passionate college student, a photographer or a chef, or even a foreigner living in Korea.

You can earn income by providing a special experience that normal people can not usually do,
It is not impossible to organize your own team and operate it as your main business.

HaB Korea, We can utilize all the resources of Korea and receive active support from our head office for you. 

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Share experiences with foreign tourists and find opportunities for you

Advantages of HaB Korea Local Hosting 

HaB Korea is basically a ‘General Travel Business‘ with full administrative support for various types of tours and activities planned by local host.

All the elements necessary for planning local travel such as sightseeing spots, museums, hotels and airline tickets that need to be tied up with the travel agency are available through the corporate partnership. Through the online magazine, company official SNS channel and overseas customer network, can be combined.

In addition to integrated tourism marketing in HaB Korea, more precise targeted advertising for your tours or activities, or paid-campaign and advertising via major SNS channels, is available as a paid service. So, you can expect more publicity for your tours and activities

Expansion into Business

You can run your own tours and activities by organizing an one-person travel agency or a small team, not just a direct host and conducting a tour or activity.

Grow Together

We will continue to support you as a family member and you will be able to grow together with various on / offline tourism events or seminar if you want. 

Meeting People

Become a member of the global host community of HaB Korea, so that you can develop your individual global capabilities through various activities and events.

HaB Korea Hosting Procedure

Apply Local Host

Organize your personal or team basic personalities and simple hosting content. We will review your content and help you with the next step if it meets the criteria.

Open activities as desired

After consultation with HaB Korea team, the contents of the desired tour or activity, the design, the sales price, etc. are determined and your products are posted accordingly.

Manage your activities

The basic customer management, administration, tax / accounting for tours and activities will be dedicated to the HaB Korea team. If you need to add or update additional items, you can contact with us and work on it.