How can we shop as cheapest as possible in a duty free shop? - Korea Travel Hacks

How can we shop as cheapest as possible in a duty free shop? – Korea Travel Hacks

How can we shop as cheapest as possible in a duty free shop? Today, we will analyze the duty-free discount system step by step.

Lotte Duty Free Store main

1. ‘Membership required’ to get the maximum discount on duty-free goods

Consumers who want to buy more duty-free goods more will purchase duty-free shops to increase product discounts. You can enjoy up to 20% discount for each brand in duty-free shops. If you are a customer who is not yet a member of those duty-free shops, especially if you are awaiting your departure from overseas, you can upgrade your membership level using their new subscription system.

Shilla duty free store2. If you are a member of Lotte or Silla Duty Free Shop, pay attention to ‘VVIP’

First, Lotte Duty Free is the place where the threshold of membership level is high. Lotte Duty Free does not offer membership to consumers who do not have a purchase record. The first ‘silver’ (up to 5% to 10% off) rating is awarded to the buyer of $ 400 or more over the past two years, and to get ‘gold’ required over $ 4,000 purchase record. Discount rates are the same as silver.

Product discount rate according to membership level is a benefit provided by duty-free shops for its ‘VIP’ consumers, and it is a system for holding and maintaining membership. Therefore, by adjusting the discount rate for each grade, consumers are encouraged to purchase and there are various benefits that consumers can enjoy. In the case of ‘LVIP’, which is the upper class, you can receive a 10% discount on ‘Season Package’ products at the Lotte Hotel, 10% discount on annual fee and get 10% discount on food and beverage related stores. The top ‘LVVIP’ has additional benefits.

The Shilla Duty Free shop will be awarded ‘Silver’ (up to 5 ~ 10% discount) at the first sign-up even if there are no purchases. ‘Only five years’ purchasing performance as a qualification maintenance condition’ is all that is necessary. Membership entrance threshold is lower than Lotte Duty Free store. Membership conditions for upgrading grades are also easier. Buyers over $ 3,000 over three years are given a “gold” rating, but the product discount rate is the same. In the upper ‘Black’ class, a maximum of 20% discount is offered along with shopping assistance, and the ‘Black Prestige’ is supplemented with additional benefits.

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3. New duty-free shop, will match your existing duty-free shop membership rating.

The duty-free shops have increased in Seoul. Duty Free Shops in Yongsan Shilla I-Park, 63 Galleria Duty Free Shops in Yeouido, Myeongdong in Shinsegae Duty Free Shops, and Duta Duty Free Shops in Dongdaemun, Duty Free shops in the downtown area. These four membership schemes, among others, covered how consumers can enjoy more discounts through new subscriptions.

Yongsan Silla I Park Duty Free Shop

_ Yongsan Silla I Park Duty Free Shop

When you sign up as a new member of duty free shop, ‘Silver’ (maximum 5 ~ 10% discount) is applied. However, if you have a ‘gold’ grade membership in another duty-free shop, you can also receive a gold card at the Silla I Park duty free shop. When a new membership was made at the ‘Customer Service Center’ located in the actual store, Lotte, Shilla, Shinsegae and Walkerhill Duty Free shops were granted the ‘Gold Card’ with the existing membership level.

Gold ratings can be discounted up to 15% for each brand, which is more discounted than ‘Silver’ rating. The ‘VIP’ rating, which is higher than the gold rating, is also available if you have the same rating in other duty-free shops and you can enjoy a maximum 20% discount.

How can we shop as cheapest as possible in a duty free shop? - Korea Travel Hacks_ Yeouido Galleria Duty Free Shop 63

Galleria Duty Free Shop 63 in Yeouido 63 Building. It is said that there are many business people who travel overseas and frequent use of the country. In addition, if you are a member of Galleria Department Store, you can enjoy additional benefits as long as you operate Hanwha of Galleria Department Store.

First, Galleria Duty Free 63 did not fill in the official online website, but is issuing membership to new subscribers in line with other ‘duty-free’ members’ ratings. You can get up to 10% discount on ‘Silver’ that you get when you first sign up. Gold (15%), Platinum (20%) and Diamond (20% If you have an existing duty-free membership, you can apply for it and receive a premium membership at the Galleria Duty Free. Members of Diamonds, the highest grade, will be able to use the lounge in duty free shops at all times and receive valet and free parking service for up to 4 hours.

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Shinsegae Duty Free Shop Myongdong_ Shinsegae Duty Free Shop Myeongdong

The Shinsegae Duty Free Shop is located in Myeongdong following the Lotte Duty Free Shop (Small Branch), which attracts foreign tourists as well as Koreans. There is a more limited portion of other duty free shops that apply to other duty free shops. Actually, Shinsegae Duty Free new membership service that match other duty free stores’ is only available to Lotte and Silla.

Silver grades offer product discounts of up to 10% for each brand, 15% for gold and 20% for black. However, Shinsegae Duty Free Shop, Shinsegae DFE and Shinsegae Duty Free Shop Busan and Shinsegae Chosun Hotel may not be easy to share the membership rating because those are different corporate body business.

Dongdaemun Doota Duty Free Shop_ Dongdaemun Doota Duty Free Shop

Doota duty free store is the first duty-free shop in the Dongdaemun market area.

The membership level here is more detailed than other new duty-free shops. They are offering discounts for ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’ (up to 10%), ‘Gold’ (up to 15%), ‘Diamond’ (up to 20%) and ‘Pink Diamond’ . Applying the membership level of other duty-free shops, you can get the applicable member class at the time of new membership.

There is a duty-free shop located all over Seoul, and consumers are getting offered discounts through their membership system. Also, applying the existing membership level of duty-free shops, they are issuing the same card at those new duty-free shops recently opened, attracting consumers’ attention.

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