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How “K-pop, K-drama and South Korean Culture” Influence My Lifestyle

If you are a big fan of those popular K-pop groups, I’m sure you watched all of their videos on youtube. If you also a fan of the K-drama series, I’m sure something inside you has changed. Being a fan of Korean music and dramas, I honestly admit that there are huge changes that happened to me because of its influence.

How "K-pop, K-drama and South Korean Culture" Influence My Lifestyle

THE WAY I TALK – Sometimes, while I am speaking my own language, I didn’t notice that I am using the Korean accent and tone. Sounds funny when my friends hearing me talk that way.

THE WAY I DRESS – Admittedly, Koreans have a great taste of fashion. It somehow matches my personality and passion. K-pop has a great influence on me with this.

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THE WAY I EAT – Sometimes, I am using a chopstick instead of our own traditional fork. I also love to eat spicy noodles and rice cakes, just like in Korean dramas. I love Korean foods now!

How "K-pop, K-drama and South Korean Culture" Influence My Lifestyle

THE WAY I SEE LOVE – Yes, even in the aspect of Love. K-drama is the cause of course. The way I  courtship someone or the way I approach someone I like, really changed because of K-drama scenarios. Sometimes, I just imagined my Love story is just a huge K-drama series.

THE WAY I DO MY HOBBIES – South Koreans have a lot of stuff that some people didn’t usually do, like Skincare routines, having fandoms, practicing something I love like dancing. There is a lot of influence in terms of hobbies.

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How "K-pop, K-drama and South Korean Culture" Influence My Lifestyle

THE WAY I SEE LIFE AND DEATH – Since their culture usually believes in reincarnation. Sometimes, I think I am just a reincarnation of some Korean in the past who visited my country and transfer his soul to my body because sometimes, I feel like I have the heart of a Korean.

There are a lot more influences of Koreans in my lifestyle. From the choice of music, choice of designs, style of a kind of shirt, taste of a specific food, the quality of drama or movie or even the level of talent.

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