How powerful is your country's passport?

How powerful is your country’s passport?

Singapore Passport

At present, Singapore passport holders can freely visit most countries in the world.

According to CNN on 25 October, Singapore’s passport index, which was announced by Aton Capital, a global financial adviser, on the top of 199 passports in the lists of the world, earning 159 points.

How powerful is your country's passport?

This index is based on the number of countries in which a particular national passport holder can visit without a visa.

Singaporean passport holders can visit 159 countries without a visa or arrival visa. It is the first time that Asian countries have won first place.

“Singapore has been steadily growing its passport power since its independence in 1965,” said Philippe May, director of the Atton Capital Singapore office.

Recently, Paraguay abolished the visa issuance obligation for Asian city nations and Singapore topped Germany. The German passport, which can freely fly in 158 countries, came second.

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How powerful is your country's passport?

The 157 points, South Korea and Sweden passports came in third. Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, and Japan are the 4th overall with 156 points.

On the other hand, Donald Trump, who took up anti-immigration policies earlier this year, dropped to sixth place (154 points) in the US after dropping from third place in the previous year’s survey.

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Recently Turkey and the Central African Republic have abolished visa waiver benefits for US passport holders.

North Korea, which has been trying to isolate itself from the international community due to the development of nuclear weapons and missiles, ranked 87th (37 points). Afghanistan (94th place, 22 points) is the lowest among the surveyed countries.

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