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How to analyze your personal color by yourself – Korea Beauty Trend

How to analyze your personal color

Personal color is to find the unique color of the individual and to produce an image in the same tone color as the skin color of his / her own skin.

How to analyze your personal color

There is a matching color even with the same pink color and there is a color that is not suitable. It is because of the pink and yellow which belongs to the cool tone and the pink which belongs to the warm orange-sensitive family tone, even though pink is the same. Therefore, when the unfavorable color is encountered, the disadvantage becomes more evident.

This is due to the indifference and stereotypes of color despite the various colors, which are caused by the unintentional passing of certain colors, which makes it difficult for someone to ask about colors or to color them with matching colors. Since the individual image looks different depending on which color is used, personal color image-making is more successful when the color is used according to the person’s personality and occupation.

Warm Tone and Cool Tone

The Personal Color System is a systematic and scientific system of the New Age beauty concept that pursues inner beauty and outer beauty. It compares and analyzes the individual color of each body and the four seasons of nature. Personal color is a method of analyzing the color that matches with the favorite color of an individual and finding a personal color and the best color suitable for the person. Applying it to an individual lifestyle, makes the body and mind comfortable and can produce a confident image.

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There is a self-analysis method to recognize the personal color of yourself without the help of an expert. You can test your personal color diagnostic method in eight easy steps and find the right personal color for you.

Korea Personal color analysis

Step 1 – With no makeup at all, first open your closet door and pick your favorite clothes and clothes of your choice.

Step 2 – After enjoying your favorite clothes on your face, first determine whether the base color is cool tone-based. Cool tone’s base color is the white, black, blue color.

Step 3 – Identify whether the base color is warm tone-based. The warm tone’s base colors include yellow, orange, and gold beige colors.

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Step 4 – After distinguishing favorite color tones, self-diagnosis is performed while facing the back of the clothes to each face. In this case, the test from monochrome.

Step 5 – Separate the color that you think is appropriate for your skin color when you have a monochrome close to your face.

Step 6 – Test the patterned clothes. The clothes with the pattern are tested with the casting color as the background color. In the case of a checkered pattern, the strongest incoming color is checked as a base color casting color.

Step 7 – Check which series of tones the colors of the clothing are sorted based on the matching color. The yellow and gold beige light colors match the warm colors, and the white, blue, and black blues are the perfect match for the cool colors. 

Step 8 – Finally, select the color that best fits the image and express the image in make-up color according to the costume color. The best color is the person’s seasonal color.

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