How to Book Jeju Taxi Tour Online - Best for small group

Book Jeju Taxi Tour online

Beautiful Jeju Island, which was designated as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO, is also an iconic tourist spot that first comes to the mind of people who are thinking about traveling to an exotic landscape.

How to Book Jeju Taxi Tour online

Jeju is an island of illusion that comes to mind when you want to leave the burdens of reality or want to experience true healing by immersing yourself in untainted nature.

The beautiful landscape of Jeju, which is also one of the top seven natural landscapes in the world, can be experienced by watching the impressive sunrise on Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, visiting Jeju Jeolmul Natural Recreation Forest, which is connected by a lush forest path of Japanese cedar trees, and Seopjikoji, which is a site frequently used for filming dramas and movies.

Book your Jeju Taxi Tour online

How to Book Jeju Taxi Tour online

Jeju Island Taxi Tour

Book Jeju Taxi Tour
How to Book Jeju Taxi Tour online

Jeju Island’s Taxi Tour could be the most flexible free and easy tour around Jeju Island.

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If you are fed up with those package group tours that push you all the time with compulsory shopping and optional tours, Jeju Island’s Taxi Tour would be the perfect choice for your Korea trip. Jeju Taxi tours are as convenient as guided tours but are relatively inexpensive and can be considered the same way if you only look at transportation.

So, let find out how to book Jeju Island’s Taxi Tour online with 4 easy steps.

Select the Package

How to Book Jeju Taxi Tour online
How to book Jeju Taxi Tour online

Visit Jeju Island Taxi Tour booking page, choose the package you want. There are four kinds of packages, you can choose according to the size of the car and the operating time of the taxi tour. Most travelers choose a full-day package, if you have more than 5 people in your group, you can save your travel budget by choosing a jumbo taxi.

Arrange your itinerary

How to Book Jeju Taxi Tour online

If you select a package and make a reservation, the person in charge of HaB Korea will check and make the arrangement. It is helpful if you write down your desired destination on ‘Additional Notes‘ when you book your tour.

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Additional Services if needed

Usually, you can go around 4 to 5 places which one either eastern or western for a daily tour.

The overtime surcharge is KRW 20,000 won per hour. If your hotel is located out of Jeju city, up to KRW 30,000 won surcharge will be applied every day.

Payment & Confirmed

How to Book Jeju Taxi Tour online

Once all your selections are completed, you will be finishing up your tour reservation through payment. After your reservation is completed, you can make further adjustments to your schedule and you will be contacted by the person in charge from HaB Korea within 1 working day.

If you have a PayPal account, you can simply choose the PayPal button to make your payment. However, if you need to pay via credit or debit card, please choose the PayPal button as well.

How to Book Jeju Taxi Tour online

So how do you pay with a credit or debit card? That’s too easy, if you select the PayPal option, you will see a “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button under the PayPal login menu.

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