How to do perfect makeup for hanbok

How to do perfect makeup for hanbok

The color of hanbok is usually deeper than that of ordinary clothes, and the color of hanbok is more colorful and bright than the colorless. Therefore, if you keep your makeup as you normally do, your face might look down than your outfit.

How to do perfect makeup for hanbok

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How to do perfect makeup for hanbok

Also, a mistake that can be easily made when wearing a hanbok is to make the makeup thicker. Thick makeup does not look elegant at all, nor does it show the unique charm of hanbok. The point of hanbok makeup is to make the most of the feminine atmosphere with bright but gentle makeup.

How to do perfect makeup for hanbok

1. Skin expression

Hanbok has a higher quality of clothing than ordinary clothes. For this high-scented outfit, a clear and transparent complexion is appropriate. The key to Hanbok’s makeup is to express it with a more transparent complexion than usual.

However, foundations that are different from the color of their faces should not be considered. Apply a thin layer of foundation that you’ve always been using, and apply T zone and light foundation to the lower part of your eyes, which is one level brighter than skin tone, to express your skin bright and clean. If you have blemishes, it is better to cover the foundation partially with a concealer rather than thicken it.

Instead of using foundation to control skin tone, adjust skin color with base makeup. If you apply a makeup base that is green for a face that has a reddish color and yellow color for a face that has a purple color, you can express your skin tone even at the same time. If you don’t have blush on your face, use a pink makeup base to make your skin look lively.

Lastly, apply enough face powder to make your skin look transparent. In particular, Hanbok is clothing that shows the beauty of your neckline, so make sure to apply powder to the area around your neck to prevent the line from being demarcated. When you apply it to your neck, you use a tissue so that it doesn’t get smeared on the ‘Dongjeong (thin white cloth-covered paper collar for Hanbok)’ area, and when you apply it with a brush, it’s easy to apply it.

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How to do perfect makeup for hanbok

2. Eye makeup

The shape of the eyebrows is artificially drawn considering the curve of hanbok. In order not to be stronger than hair color, it naturally draws dark brown color. The eyebrows are drawn gently using an eyebrow pencil, not too thick or thin, and in a natural manner without angular or sharpness. Basically, paints your eyebrows alive, and it’s good to draw the ends of the eyebrows in a round shape to look feminine. However, the tail of the eyebrows should be arranged and clean.

Eye shadow color can be tacky if eye shadow is fitted to hanbok which has a lot of colors, so it is good to choose one that matches the whole range of hanbok color. There are two colors to be used. First, apply light beige with a base and point to the corners of your eyes with wine, light brown, or light gray or brown. At this point, it is important to apply it in a soft way rather than strong overall, and it is important to express it in a way that gives color to the eyes by feeling the line.

Instead of just shadowing, eye shadow gives eye depth by expressing eye lines correctly and by emphasizing eyelashes with mascara. Just as the beauty of hanbok is of the beauty of the line, it is desirable and fitting to express its elegance in the hue makeup.

How to do perfect makeup for hanbok

3. Lip makeup

The main color of hanbok makeup is to choose the same color as or one step deeper than hanbok. Because of the colorful hanbok color, your face may look pale, so the most similar or darker colors are red, orange, bright purple, and wine.

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First, if you draw the lipstick with an out-of-court angle, you can make it smooth to match the atmosphere of hanbok. It is also effective to highlight the inside of your lips using lip pulp or lip gloss.

When applying the lips, let’s express the clean finish of the makeup by ensuring that the ends of the lips are fully engaged. If the line is broken, correct it with a cotton swab.

If hanbok is a calm color, it is better to choose a calm pink or coral color to create a mature atmosphere, but if hanbok color is bright, pink or coral may look pale.

How to do perfect makeup for hanbok
How to do perfect makeup for hanbok

4. Cheek makeup

Let’s not forget the makeup that will be used to finish the harmony and elegance of hanbok. The choice of colors is the same as the overall makeup color, which is applied several times from the outside to the inside of the cheekbone to express a subtle color. Before applying it to your face, try it on the back of your hand and adjust the color. If it is too thick or smudged, press it with powder to make it look natural.

How to do perfect makeup for hanbok

5. Hairstyle

The hairstyle that suits hanbok is definitely a neat one. If your hair is long, let’s put it up in a style that reveals your neckline. The unique characteristic of hanbok, the line, is revived, so it is more beautiful. If you have short hair or cut hair, make sure to comb it back neatly. If possible, clean it up so that it doesn’t have twigs. Tie a half-length hair back and wear a hairpiece to hide the dirty end of the hair and make it look like an up style.

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