How to fight zombies in Everland

Everland Blood City

[kkstarratings]Everland. A small village is a “walking dead square” town where zombies pop up. I went to the famous zombie horror drama “Walking Dead” of the United States because zombies appeared in this town.

Everland celebrates the Halloween festival and has open the ‘Blood City’, a fear-experience space of 100,000 square meters until November 5, 2017. Blood City is based on the concept of a zombie virus that has been shut down for 10 years. Visitors can experience various contents by setting up the survivors to identify and escape.

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Everland Halloween festivalEverland Halloween festivalEverland Blood City Everland Blood City Everland Blood City

The zombies that I only see in the movies actually start to appear in front of me. There is a screaming sound coming from here and there, and the town is crowded with people who are squeamish. When you get in deep, you can meet zombies that pop out here and there. If you are curious about zombies … Challenge yourself.

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When you meet zombie in there, you can defeat it just like this video clip below.


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