How to Find the Best Travel Agent in Korea for you

How to Find Right Travel Agent in Korea

It is not so easy to pick out the best tour/activity products and travel agents that are right for me among the thousands of travel products and travel agencies in Korea.

If the corporate culture is settled only as ‘Don’t care quality of travel, just cheap, whatever we can sell’, the staff of the travel agency, the guide, and the local travel agency are bound to come up with such behavior. So choosing a travel agent is as important as picking a good travel agent.

Travel Agent in Korea
How to Find Right Travel Agent in Korea

It is the first step to make a happy trip by choosing such a right travel agent (company), a rational trip that can pay a fair price according to your satisfaction without dealing with dumb goods.

According to the travel tips ‘How to Pick a Travel Agent’ from the New York Times, finding the right travel agent is like finding the right doctor, according to David Kolner, who oversees the travel agent membership program for Virtuoso, a network of more than 15,000 agents globally. “This may sound extreme — after all, they’re only booking your travel — but your leisure time is one of your most valuable assets, so why would you trust just anyone with it?” he said.

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Some people have asked whether they need to use a travel agent in the Internet age which you just put some keywords on Google and you’ll get the information that you want right away. But ‘tripsavvy’ the travel information website refutes this point as “Even in this era of information overload, there are times when a travel agent is almost a necessity. If you are an inexperienced traveler or do not have the time or interest to research the best trip for you, or  have special circumstances like a large group –then getting a good travel agent is probably a must.”

How to Find Right Travel Agent in Korea

Here are some tips to find the best Travel Agent for whatever purpose of the trip based on the New York Times ‘How to Pick a Travel Agent‘.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK – Travel Agent in Korea

Finding the right agent requires research. Start by asking friends and relatives for recommendations — if people you trust are happy with their travels, Mr. Kolner said, chances are you will be, too. You can also ask for recommendations on Facebook. In addition, Virtuoso has a catalog on its site of 4,000 advisers; you can search by geographic location, areas of specialization and languages spoken.

FIGURING OUT YOUR NEEDS – Travel Agent in Korea

Do you want someone who is a specialist in a particular destination to assist with planning one specific trip, such as KPOP experiences or wearing Hanbok? Or are you looking for someone who can help plan your travel for years to come, effectively someone who becomes a specialist in you? These can be the same person, Mr. Kolner said, but knowing what you want from the outset may lead you to a different adviser.

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HOW INVOLVED DO YOU WANT TO BE? – Travel Agent in Korea

Some advisers like to plan every aspect of a trip, from booking airfare to making dinner reservations, while some are happy to offer a second opinion about your own research. Some prefer phone interaction, while others are comfortable conversing via email or text. It’s important, Mr. Kolner said, to work with an advisor who matches your travel planning personality. You can find out if advisers are happy to hold your hand or leave you alone by asking them directly. “You’ll find that most are forthcoming about their communication style and travel planning process,” he said.

DON’T BE SCARED OFF BY FEES – Travel Agent in Korea

It’s not uncommon for advisers to charge a fee for their services, which could range from $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on the complexity of the trip.

Mr. Kolner said charging fees was a growing practice because advisers spent several hours planning their clients’ trips and would have difficulty making a sustainable living without being compensated for their time.

“You are paying for an adviser’s knowledge and for the perks they’re able to score for you,” he said. The extras advisors can get their clients at no cost could include room upgrades, early check-ins, and late checkouts at hotels and airport transfers.

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