How to makeup like a Korean woman
 How to makeup like a Korean woman
Makeup like a Korean woman

Following Korean drama and KPOP song, ‘How to makeup like a Korean’ emerged as the new runner of ‘Global Korean Wave’.

Makeup like a Korean woman

It is already known that among the Chinese, Japanese, and Southeast Asian women who came to Korea early on, there was a craze to follow the methods of Korean actors and idol singers.

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How to makeup like a Korean woman
Makeup like a Korean woman

In addition to this, in recent years, among the American and European women who have been making face to face with Korean actors and singers through the Internet, especially YouTube videos, the Korean cosmetics law is booming.

Kara's Hanbok Photoshoot

Video site YouTube has hundreds of videos uploaded by women around the world titled ‘Catch up with Korean beauty secret’.

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makeup like a Korean woman

Reflecting this enthusiasm, a famous American cosmetics company even launched a new product line in March, entitled ‘Korean chic’. The makeup team of the American and Korean people traversed the branches of the world last year and educated the secrets of Korean women’s makeup.

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