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How to select KPOP trainees?

Most of them are selected through auditions. Auditions are basically divided into open and irregular recruitment.

Public auditions include the agency’s own and survival methods conducted nationwide through broadcasting programs.

How to select KPOP trainees?

SMYGJYP Entertainment, the three major agencies, has been conducting their own auditions, and not long ago, they have been selected as survival audition programs such as “Superstar K,” “K-Pop Star,” and “Produce 101.”

In addition, irregular auditions are held at all times. There are many forms. They visit idol talents known in the region in person and audition with the recommendations of reliable people.

They also give audition opportunities to those who courageously knocked on the door of the agency with resumes.

Global auditions will also be held overseas to match the status of K-pop spreading around the world. YG established YG Japan in 2007 and entered Japan, and in 2012, YG Asia was established in Hong Kong and used as a base. Foreigners go through global auditions.

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KPOP Trainee training

The curriculum of trainees is tough. The more famous entertainment agencies are, the longer the trainee period and the more gateway they have to go through.

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At SM-YG-JYP, trainees can debut only after an average of five years of training.

Trainees receive personality education as well as singing, rapping, performing, dancing, and acting. Social media activities and companionships are also subject to management because pre-debut behavior can hamper after debut.

How to select KPOP trainees?

These days, the KPOP dominates the global market and even teaches foreign languages. Trainees who are students cannot neglect their studies.


In the case of JYP, access to the practice room is sometimes prohibited if the promised level of performance is not achieved.

It will also include media interviews, speech training in preparation for entertainment appearances, and personal talent discovery training.

A representative of a mid-sized agency said, “We continue to train thoroughly because even a small slip of the tongue can damage our image,” adding, “We entrust each member with the best part.”

How much money they can make?

Top idol groups such as BTS makes hundreds of millions of dollars in a year.

The CF appearance fee is about 500 million won to 1 billion won per case. However, this is limited to very few idol groups. In fact, nearly 80% of KPOP idol groups leave quietly without success.

How to select KPOP trainees?

In the process, entertainment agencies that have invested a large amount of money in forming groups and producing albums may suffer losses of around USD 1 million dollars. Fortunately, even if it succeeds, it takes two to three years to make a profit.

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This is because agencies that have invested a large amount of money must recover it and distribute profits generated by each member. For example, let’s say there is a five-member group that makes USD 3 million dollars a year. Of the 3 million dollars, at least 1 million dollars per year is required to maintain the group, including costumes, hair, makeup, vehicles, and meals, in addition to the album production cost.

How to select KPOP trainees?

If the remaining 2 million dollars is divided by the agency and the members at a ratio of 4 to 6, the members’ share is 1.2 million dollars. If the money is distributed equally to five members, it will be about 240,000 dollars per person.

In this case, it is equivalent to more than 150 million Korean won (38% tax rate) according to the tax base rate, and nearly 100 million Korean won(about 90,000 US dollars) must be paid in taxes during the comprehensive income tax payment period in May of the following year. In the end, idol singers do not take the profits shown in the article as they are.

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