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How to take great travel photos in 7 ways – Part 1 “Do not Over bokeh”

The trip is fun. It is basically the feeling of joy even if you faces the hard situation that it makes a terrible struggle with the partner who is traveling with you or the case of your flight delays out of blue. If the pleasure of the trip is the bright sun, the rest of the emotions (hardship, anger, annoyance, etc.) are the planets that are revolving around the sun.

There are two factors that contribute to the enjoyment of these trips. ‘To have a new experience’ and ‘to remember’ the new experience. We plan our trip to new experiences more easily. And we take pictures at any time to memorize the moment on the trip.

I can not imagine a trip without a single photo. If I have to throw away either my passport or camera with all the pictures during my trip, I would throw away my passport over my camera. It is because 1 minute and 1 second of trip is included in photographs, moments of that moment. The value of what you can and can not do, no matter how important your passport is, is different. It is a simple statement about ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ but it is a sentence that implies all the value of the picture.

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So if you would do it, you have to shoot it ‘well’.

Not a good shot does not mean it is not worth it. But a well-photographed picture gives you greater pleasure in memorizing your trip and makes even better than real experiences in many cases. In order to take good pictures of the trip, you only need to take the following 7 simple things.

How to take great travel photos in 7 ways - Part 1 "Do not Over bokeh"

Do not Over bokeh(Out of Focus)

There is a saying “Too much water drowned the miller”. This must be remembered by someone who is into out-of-focus photography. Out of Focus photography is using Out of Focus technique that aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens, focusing only on the subject and taking the rest of the subject out of focus.

When we use this technique people and food are crisp, but the background is taken with the out-of-focus. It has the effect of concentrating your gaze on the subject, giving you a ‘professional’ feeling even if you take a rough shot. So, there are quite a lot of people who are talking about this technique as a professional feeling and it sounds legit. Because, you need to have a camera with a good lens in order to be able to take good bokeh, and I’m sure that the good stuff is proof of the interest in photography.

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How to take great travel photos in 7 ways - Part 1 "Do not Over bokeh"

But when taking a travel picture, be careful to use excessive bokeh. Conversely, the focus on the subject can result in neglecting the background. Imagine a number of pictures that are completely blurry and emphasize only the dynamic facial expressions of the person. I think it would not be convincing all those pictures taken from other travel destinations.

In a good travel photograph, both the character and the background must be alive. When you see the picture over time, you should be able to fully remember your last trip. Even if the pictures using the out-focus look cool, it is a good idea to avoid the pictures that have blown up the background so as to ask “Where was it?”

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