How to take great travel photos in 7 ways – Part 3 "Exposure" | HaB

How to take great travel photos in 7 ways – Part 3 “Exposure”

Photo Exposure

Anyone who has photographed would have heard the word “exposure”. It refers to the amount of light that was taken to take the picture, not the exposed skin.

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Nowadays, mobile phones have exposure meters that show the degree of exposure. This is the ruler with numbers ranging from -2.0 to +2.0. If you have taken a lot of pictures, it is customary to take at least three pictures in a situation where the subject and composition are fixed. Exposure to one step is -0.5, appropriate exposure (0), exposure to one step (+0.5). Through these three efforts, we will extract the most appropriate photos.

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However, taking a variety of exposures involves a manual process (which may feel annoying) to adjust the aperture and shutter speed. I know it’s annoying. So, I recommend at least 3 photos that take a little picture. As you move the camera, the exposure changes naturally. It is natural to say that it is more satisfying to take pictures in various compositions.

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How to take great travel photos in 7 ways – Part 3 "Exposure"

Ah! Even if you do not change the composition, it is better to press the shutter at least three times. LCDs sometimes lie. Even if the focus is on the LCD, there may be quite a lot of out-of-focus or shaky pictures when viewed on a large computer screen. So it’s a good idea to take at least three pictures in the same situation.

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