How to take great travel photos in 7 ways – Part 4 “Stand Still”

How to take great travel photos in 7 ways – Part 4 “Stand Still"Stand still for 2 seconds!

Speaking of camera’s LCD, especially if you’re taking pictures indoors, you should not move immediately after the ‘click’ sound. It is good to raise a habit of giving a pose for 2 seconds at least.

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When you use the camera on the phone is in automatic mode, the shutter speed automatically slows down because there is not enough lights indoors. The shutter speed is slow, so the length of ‘click’ sound means actually the length of time the camera taking lights. Such a time to absorb light to extract a picture of sufficient brightness.

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How to take great travel photos in 7 ways – Part 4 “Stand Still"Yes, just stand still for 2 seconds!

Do not touch the camera like you do not touch the eating dog. The slight fluctuation in the picture caused by the movement at that time is because the LCD can not tell you actual image when your photo shaken.

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