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Part 6. Organize your photos daily

There are quite a few people who are embarrassed by the message, “You cannot take pictures because of insufficient capacity”, even though you thought the memory card had enough space.

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When you take photos and videos without a plan, you face a moment of capacity shortage. So let’s organize your photos every day. It is much more useful to post on the SNS than to organize it once after the trip each day.

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Part 7. Ask for help

The camera of a person traveling alone is often filled with scenery photos of travelers and their selfies. Such travel photos are 2% short in order to memorize your travel moment in a foreign country.

Would it be great if there be at least a few pictures of scenery and yourself together? So do not be afraid to ask people around you about taking pictures of you. Even if you travel with your friends. There is no evidence that they went there together only if they had taken each other. Perhaps other travelers around you may also be hesitating to ask, ‘I would like to ask you about taking picture of me.’ It is not a shame to go first and ask for it.

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Do not forget to check the result of the photo taken after asking someone to take your photo. It is rare for others to take a very good picture of what you want in terms of the right angle or focal length, etc.

If the situation that you asked someone taking your photo is embarrassing, it is likely that you will regret your bedside kick at night while you are checking your photos of a day. After all, it is hard to go back to the same place in general traveling overseas.

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Of course, you may also consider the person you are asking would run away with your camera when you hand it over to that person. So, if possible, it is a good idea to look at people in a safe country and ask for help. You may also get helped by professional travel photography services such as ‘Hiring a photographer’. With that kind of service, you will get quality guaranteed travel photos.

Thankfully, Korea is one of the safest and friendliest countries in the world for foreign tourists to travel, so do not worry.

So when you take a picture on a trip, you should think that moment is the first and last of your life and you should try to do a little more effort.

How to take great travel photos in 7 ways – Part 6, 7

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