iKON Bobby takes the first step with a solo singer

iKON Bobby takes the first step with a solo singer

Bobby Solo

iKON Bobby takes the first step with a solo singer on the 14th September.

YG Entertainment unveiled the “sampler video”, which can be seen through Bobby’s first solo album ‘LOVE AND FALL’ through the official blog at 9:00 am on the 14th.

The video included 10 highlights of the songs, including the album’s double titles ‘I Love You’ and ‘RUNAWAY’. In LA, a music video location, Bobby ‘s sunny and free features blend in with music, making it unobtrusive.

‘LOVE AND FALL’ is the result of Bobby’s unlimited growth potential as a solo singer. In particular, he is strong enough to fill his entire album with his own songs, and he can confirm how long he has been engaged in music work.

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▲ Various genre + Sensibility vocal … ‘Allround player’
Bobby has been known as a rapper with strong, beat-lap rapping in the mid-bass voice. She has proved her skills as a rapper through the contest song of ‘Shoemide Money’ including ‘Link Hip # Hip Hop’ and ‘Guard Oligo BOUNCE’ and the hip-hop unit ‘MOB’ with Winner Song Min Ho.

In this album, Bobby is leaping into an all-around player that can handle a wide variety of genres. Dance hall, ballads, traps, and more.

“This album has more vocals than rap” Bobby said. “Rap and hip-hop are absolutely inseparable from me, but I want to become a musician who can dig a diverse genre.”

▲ first solo regular album + all songs … ‘musical growth’
Bobby is the first member to release a solo full-length album among several groups active at YG since Big Bang. Without convinced of the quality of music than impossible. It’s unusual for a regular non-single album,

“I want to do it while enjoying music for the rest of my life. Because I made these songs while enjoying these songs, one song is really precious and good, so I would really appreciate it if you would like to do all songs. “

Bobby’s first solo album ‘LOVE AND FALL’ will be released at 6 pm on the 14th and will be released along with the music videos of the double title songs ‘I Love You’ and ‘RUNAWAY’.

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