Incheon International Airport terminal 2 has open today

Incheon International Airport terminal 2 has open today – what should you check

Incheon International Airport terminal 2 has open today - what should you check

Passengers using Incheon International Airport from January 18th should pay attention to their tickets. There are two terminals at Incheon International Airport. On the same day, Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 is showing its first line. If you do not know which terminal to use beforehand, you may miss the flight. Let’s find out what to check before flying.

1. Check your airline is in terminal 1 or in terminal 2

Korean Air, Delta Air Lines, Air France and KLM Dutch Airlines were in the second passenger terminal at Incheon International Airport. Passengers using these four carriers must board at Terminal 2. The remaining 86 airlines, including Asiana Airlines, use the existing terminal. You can see E-tickets or search flights from each airline or Incheon International Airport website. It is also possible to confirm the text message sent by the airline before departure.

2. How to get to Terminal 2

You can use passenger cars, airport railways, airport limousines, etc., as you would if you were looking for an existing Incheon airport.

If you go by car, you must go to the entrance of the airport at the intersection of Yeongjong Grand Bridge and the entrance of the 2nd terminal at the junction of the Incheon Grand Bridge and the Airport New Town. According to Incheon International Airport Corporation, it takes about 11 minutes in both directions.

You can also get to Terminal 2 by public transport. Airport Railroad opened ‘2nd Passenger Terminal Station’ on 13th and started to operate from Seoul Station. The fare is KRW 600 won more than 1 terminal station and it takes 6 minutes more. When departing from Seoul Station, it takes KRW 4,950 won and takes 1 hour and 6 minutes. If you use a direct train, you can reach it a little faster. Direct trains from Seoul Station to other terminals without stopping at Terminal 1 are available for a fare of KRW 9,000 won and the required time is 51 minutes.

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The airport and limousine buses of 103 Seoul-Gyeongbuk buses began operating on the 15th. However, Incheon city buses only operate to 1 terminal, so you have to use a shuttle bus to terminal 2.

3. If you went to the wrong terminal

You can use the free shuttle bus. According to the Incheon International Airport Corporation, it will operate a direct circular bus between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. It takes about 15 to 18 minutes between terminals and runs every 5 minutes. It can be boarded between the 4th and 5th exit of Central Terminal 2 of Terminal 2.

If you do not have enough time before departure, please contact Incheon International Airport Corporation to use an emergency patrol vehicle. Incheon International Airport Corporation has placed an emergency patrol vehicle at all times to move passengers who are about to leave the country between terminals. There are four terminals in Terminal 1 and three terminals in Terminal 2.

4. How do I automatically leave my baggage when I arrive at the terminal?

If you arrive at Terminal 2, you have to stop on the third floor. You must issue your boarding pass and baggage. Foreign exchange, withdrawal, roaming, insurances, etc. must be processed in advance. After that, if you leave the security checkpoint and go to the departure station, you can wait until you arrive at the gate in front of the gate on your boarding pass.

At Terminal 2, you can entrust your baggage yourself without staff assistance. Among the 8 check-in counters in total, the “automatic baggage handling counter” is located in the D and E sections. More than 60 ‘self check-in devices’ were installed in this section, allowing passengers to issue tickets and carry luggage by themselves. Check your reservation information and passport in front of the device and select your seat, and your boarding pass will be printed out.

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With your boarding pass and passport, you can transfer your baggage directly to the ‘Self Bag Drop’ area. When you check the baggage allowance rules displayed on the screen, the tag is output and you can attach it to the baggage. After that, the baggage commissioning phase ends when the certificate is issued.

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Incheon International Airport terminal 2 has open today - what should you check

5. How is the departure or immigration process changed?

Terminal 2 is equipped with a new round searcher for immigration purposes. It’s a machine that scans 360-degree passengers, reducing the time from 30 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute, compared to traditional search.

You do not have to meet the immigration officer. As the automatic immigration control system is installed, the passenger will be judged only if he or she is passing by. This is because the camera compares the face and the ePassport photo to determine whether they match. According to the Incheon International Airport Corporation, the automatic departure examination shortened the time of 13 minutes compared to Terminal 1.

The immigration process has also become easier. In Terminal 2, customs can be reported via mobile. After installing the KCS application on the smartphone, check the entry report and open the gate if the application is recognized on the gate.

On the other hand, 2 terminals were ordered in 2009 and spent KRW 9.9 trillion won for 9 years. With a total floor area of ​​388,000 square meters, it can accommodate 18 million passengers a year. When the Incheon International Airport Corporation completes the ‘Fourth Stage Construction Project’, which was launched in June of last year, the capacity of Terminal 2 is expected to grow. The company plans to expand the number of terminals 2 to accommodate up to 46 million people by 2023, with the goal of accommodating 100 million people per year.

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