It will be snow on December 3 in Seoul

Tomorrow (December 3) will be mostly cloudy and snowy throughout the country.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) on December 2, the whole country will be largely blurred due to the influence of the tectonic boulders on the south from the north.

The average winter snowfall is 3 ~ 8cm in the country of origin, 1 ~ 3cm in Gangwon Youngseo (except the mountain), and 1cm in the east of Gyeonggi.

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The expected precipitation is around 5mm in the central region (excluding the east coast).

The lowest temperature in the morning is 2 degrees in Seoul, 5 degrees in Incheon, 1 degree in Suwon, 3 degrees in Chuncheon, 4 degrees in Gangneung, 1 degree in Cheongju, 1 degree in Jeonju, 1 degree in Jeonju, 0 degrees in Gwangju, and Jeju 7th.

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The daytime peak temperatures are 11 degrees in Seoul, 10 degrees in Incheon, 11 degrees in Suwon, 7 degrees in Chuncheon, 12 degrees in Gangneung, 10 degrees in Cheongju, 10 degrees in Taejon, 12 degrees in Jeonju, 12 degrees in Gwangju, 12 degrees in Daegu, and so on.

It will be snow on December 3 in Seoul

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