Itaewon's hottest clubs guide

Itaewon's hottest clubs guide

When it comes to ‘Clubbing‘ many people still talking ‘Hongdae area’ is hot. That’s true, but if you love clubbing, you may want to check out ‘Itaewon’ as well.

The culture of the clubs that have flown into Korea has taken various places such as Hongdae, Gangnam and Itaewon, and the atmosphere, the age group and the way of playing are different in each region. Among them, we would like to introduce seven hot Itaewon clubs that have recently rising even many Korean celebrities visited these clubs often.

Please remember to visit with friends at the end of the year and feel the Hot atmosphere.

Itaewon's hottest clubs guide


Recently, G-DRAGON and Sulli have visited this club. Cake Shop is a famous place where you should visit if you are sensitive to trends. Cake shops are steadily ranked among the many clubs in Itaewon.

Itaewon's hottest clubs guide


Located in the backdrop of ‘Hamilton Hotel’, which is the landmark of Itaewon Station, ‘The Lounge’. It is located nearest to the subway station among the hot clubs. In addition, on Thursday and Sunday, the admission fee is free and can be visited lightly.

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Itaewon's hottest clubs guide


It is a club that has earned its place in ‘Moon Night club’, where Koran celebrities of 80 ~ ’90s have produced their dreams. Recently, it is famous for overseas artists and Korean artists such as Rapper Changmo, Dean and Penomeco.

Itaewon's hottest clubs guide


There is no admission fee and the price of liquor is cheap. Moreover, since it is the third floor, space can be widely used. The pink zone on the second floor is good for women to have a birthday party by borrowing a table. Popular and exciting pop songs make it a recommendation for those who are not familiar with electronic or hip-hop.

Itaewon's hottest clubs guide


Glam has a very different atmosphere from the clubs we have introduced. Glam, with proper electronic music, has a stronger bar feel than a club feel, so people of all ages range from 20s to 40s. Glam is the mainstream of alcoholic beverages such as cocktails, vodka, whiskeys, and wines, and sells premium sushi rolls.

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Itaewon's hottest clubs guide


The move is a club with a large size, but it is good to hold a party or get-together place. MOVE is mostly hip-hop and electronic. It is highly recommended for those who want to dance to the exciting music all night.

Itaewon's hottest clubs guide


Club Made is second to none in Itaewon clubs. Made has a hip hop zone and an electronic zone, so it is good to go and find the atmosphere that you usually like. The Maid will only be open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and should double check that it is the day they will open. It is recommended to find it early because the line is long.

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