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Jeju Olle Walking Festival

Now in its 11th year, the Jeju Olle Walking Festival takes place in Jeju’s most beautiful season, Autumn. It is a festival that keeps you going, and enjoying the culture, arts, performance, and local eats while hiking a route a day. More than 10,000 participants com from all around the world, including china, Taiwan, United States, United kingdom, Japan, Canada, and of course, korea. We are also joined by volunteers, local residents who offer unique experiences and foods, and outstanding performers. The event is the largest festival of its kind on Jeju Island.

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2020 Jeju Olle Walking Festival: Walk Apart, Finish Together

Now in its 11th year, 2020 Jeju Olle Walking Festival will be held in a new and unique way. Abiding by social distancing and safety rules, the festival will last longer in wider area.
On each of 23 routes in the main island of Jeju (except Chuja-do, U-do and Gapa-do), 15 participants and 2 guides(391 hikers per day) walk apart for 23 days exploring Jeju’s nature on foot.
Programs and performances arranged by local residents and sponsoring businesses will make you touched by Jeju’s nature. Immersed in beauty of Jeju, festival comforts and cheers all of you to get through this moment.
Time and distance apart, but of one mind, we all walk together.

Jeju Olle Walking Festival
  • From October 23rd (Fri) to November 14th (Mon), participants gather at each route’s starting point by 9am everyday. Finishing time varies according to the route’s length and programs.
  • Please keep the Coronavirus Prevention Rules to stay healthy and safe at the festival.
  • If you click the representative image of each route below, you may take a tour of Jeju Olle Trail routes.
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