Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival - Gunhangje 2018

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival - Gunhangje 2018

The last 13 April 1953, the country’s first set up a statue of Admiral Yi on the rotary Beiyuan held on the chumoje it was an opportunity.

The early days of aural yeoteuna would all spend the first in Beiyuan roundabout with Gong statue, events utilizing the original intent of the start to hold a festival in Jinhae gunhangje since 1953 to honor the noble Salvation of Admiral Earl and promotion of local culture and arts and, with cultural and artistic events, world gunak festival, Faldo pungmul markets, such as the repeated the fruitful development each year to the spring festival, to be able to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms and now the country boasts a long history and tradition of over 2 million domestic and foreign tourists are looking for gunhangje period and cementing a place as the festival of scale.

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival - Gunhangje 2018

Chunsamwol that the best of the cherry blossoms in Jinhae gunhangje is held moyeodeulge the country sangchungaek gunhang to the city embraces a calm sea.

If the 360,000 are simultaneously kkotmangul pure white blossoms of the Yoshino cherry tree turtle who took the feast of those who leave the memories of springtime in the world’s largest cherry city being in the picture holic and spring blowing kkotbi a mess this together, combined flap is the appearance of a festival It constitutes a Secretary.

Jinhae gunhangje event is the aural Gong Earl ceremonies and cherry blossoms theme event opens major events such as Eve in midfield rotary arm pungmul market, art and cultural performances Beiyuan roundabout in heonda wreath, memorial high priest in the aural Gong statue, Victory Come Parade It opens.

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In addition, it gunak Chairman utilizing the characteristics of gunhang City Festival during the festival there is held on a Friday evening and weekend performances theft in nice uniforms of the vigorous marching performances and honor guard of military bands in the military arts performances fused the gunak and chairman of Jinhae gunhangje a performance that can only be viewed cherry blossom festival

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Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival - Gunhangje 2018

Naval Academy is the usual access difficulties, naval Jinhae base headquarters can be various experience events, such as a place to just stop by gunhangje period Naval sigwan University Museum and turtle watching, Captain disclosure, exhibition, navy suits to wear, yacht cruises aboard, South Korea Navy You can enjoy the spectacular appearance of the Yoshino cherry blossoms over 100 years with the bases aspects.

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Jinhae’s where you come exploring with gunhangje known inland ecology with cherry blossoms park, open demotion, gyeonghwayeok, Jinhae Tower, Chinhae base, such as riding a jehwangsan Monorail look down at the city from Jinhae top roof stretches from east to west and hold terrain over the same screens by mountains and lies under a calm sea. Focusing on the midfield rotary arm can be turned away mingling together modern and contemporary cherry in the 100 years of building the 360,000 present with Adam and put the city in a calm glance.

There are three Rotary districts in the center of Jinhae city has spread midfield, Beiyuan, Beijing Nanyuan rotary pieces are largely situated in the road starting at each roundabout eight. There is a modern cultural relics scattered every alley in the midfield roundabout there are jeulbihae Jinhae post office, at home seonhak soup, black coffee shops, territorial base, a building 100 years ago, such as sharp house. Where time travel in midfield rotary 8 street alley to go and have a gunhang Town History Museum, here are the missing another charm embraces the blossoms in Jinhae to be able to hear the story modeled directly with gunhang development and Old City Landscape photos, which began in 1902 can.

Period: 01. April. 2018 ~ 10. April. 2018
Address: Tongsin-dong, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
Location: Jinhae Jungwon Rotary Intersection and Jinhae area

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