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JTBC made an official apology to the group BTS and Big Hit Entertainment

JTBC President Sohn Suk-hee made an official apology to the group BTS and their agency Big Hit Entertainment during the “News Room” broadcast.

“There was no possibility of a legal dispute with Big Hit Entertainment,” Sohn Suk-hee, president of JTBC, said on Tuesday afternoon (Dec 16).

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“We covered multiple lawyers and reported the possibility of a lawsuit of BTS against Big Hit Entertainment. However, after checking the parties, we decided that the possibility of a lawsuit was very low,” he said. “BTS also said that BTS has not requested or proceeded with a lawsuit with the relevant law firm.”

Sohn expressed his regret that JTBC had filmed some buildings of Big Hit Entertainment without prior consultation while covering the story, the company said in an apology.

He also bowed, saying, “I take it seriously and humbly with regard to the criticism that we made the preceding report when the lawsuit was not carried out.”

Meanwhile, JTBC’s “News Room” reported on December 9 that BTS is in conflict with Big Hit Entertainment over the distribution of profits, and is considering legal action.

In a related development, Big Hit Entertainment said on December 10 that the contents of the report are groundless. Currently, BTS and their parents are not considering any legal action against us,” Big Hit countered.

“JTBC did not properly confirm the facts, and they did not have enough information to link events that were not related to our party, so JTBC also showed suspicious reporting practices in the course of the press, which emphasizes the principles of journalism,” Bit Hit said.

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