'Kimchi making' is designated as cultural property of Korea

‘Kimchi making’ is designated as cultural property of Korea

Kimchi Making

‘Kimchi making’, one of Korea’s representative food culture, is designated as cultural property.

The Cultural Heritage Administration said on the 8th September, “Kimchi making, a community food culture with a Korean identity, was announced as a national intangible cultural asset.”

‘Kimchi making’ is a concept that is broader than Kimchi Culture, which is recognized as a UNESCO designated intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2013.

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The Cultural Heritage Administration is an important component of Korean culture for a considerable period of time. It has a spirit of community and continues to the modern age. It is worth to appoint ‘Kimchi making’ as a national intangible cultural asset in the point that all Koreans participate directly or indirectly in the intergenerational tradition.

'Kimchi making' is designated as cultural property of Korea

‘Kimchi making’ is not a special technique, but rather it is a lifestyle and culture that comes from all over the local Korea. In March last year, the “Law Concerning the Preservation and Promotion of Intangible Cultural Properties” was enacted, and the way to be designated as a cultural property without a holder was opened. The Cultural Heritage Administration plans to designate various traditional Korean cultures such as salt production and ondol as national intangible cultural properties.

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The Cultural Heritage Administration will decide whether to finalize the designation after a 30-day preliminary notice period and deliberation by the Intangible Cultural Properties Committee regarding ‘Kimchi making’.

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