Korea allows Visa-free entry, so what's the catch?

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In order to revitalize the tourism market that the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games hosted, Korean government will temporarily allow tourists from Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines without a visa.

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Korea allows Visa-free entry, so what's the catch?

According to the plan, the government decided to allow tourists from three countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, to enter Yangyang Airport for a limited time until April 2018.

“We do not need to worry about the illegal stay because the group tourists come through the designated travel agency.” Cha Gyu-Geun, head of the immigration and foreign policy department, said.

However, Yangyang Airport does not have direct flights from Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines yet. With the government’s plan, measures like the extension of direct flights routes should be taken.

Yangyang Airport is currently operating daily from Jeju and Busan(Gimhae) Airports.

yangyang airport to Seoul

Yangyang International Airport, located in Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do, is the only international airport in the Yeongdong region. The airport excellently serves as the arrival point for tourists to Korea’s representative attractions of Gangwon, Seoraksan Mountain and Donghae. The airport provides much information in regard to tourism in the Yeongdong region in addition to offering a tourism transportation service.

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The Chinese government has decided to extend the exemption of the issuance fee for Chinese tourist groups’ electronic visas, which expire at the end of 2017, by the end of next year. The issuing fee is $ 15 per person.

In addition, K-POP concert tours and K-POP star-fan-linked tours will be developed and promoted overseas. The government also develops (tentative) drama road ‘sightseeing product that links drama location.

In order to eradicate the illegal charge of taxi, the government decided to promote the introduction of the section fare system which applies the fixed fare to the specific section.

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