Awesome Korea autumn foliage 2017 'When and where should I go?'

Korea autumn foliage 2017 ‘When and where should I go?’

Korea Fall foliage forecast 2017-20%20% of Autumn foliage forecast (Data by K-Weather)

Korea autumn foliage 2017

It is enough to take a look at the maple leaves to take a deep breath in autumn. The mountains of the country where the green recordings were filled, the mountains are colored with shades of red, orange, and yellow, and the snow is pleasant.

Korea Fall foliage forecast 2017-peakPeak of Autumn foliage forecast (Data by K-Weather)

The beginning of this year’s foliage starts from the 27th of September as early as possible until the 23rd of October and the peak of the maple leaves is expected to continue until early November. If you plan well, you can visit several mountains. Therefore, we will introduce the maple leaf trails of Mt.

Korea Fall Season TourMt. Seorak, cable car

Gangwon (Mt. Seorak, Mt. Odaesan, Chiaksan)

Beginning with Mt. Seorak, the whole country is surrounded by a foliage wave. The Biseondae course, which is considered to be the most beautiful deforestation route, is 3km (one way) from the Seorak-dong Visitor Support Center to the Cheonbul-dong valley through Biseondae. You can enjoy the scenery blended with the autumnal-colored leaves and the valley embroidered along the smooth trail like flat land.

Mt. Odaesan is one of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in Korea. You can feel the fragrance of autumn by walking on a pure earth road mixed with coarse sand and yellow soil. There is no gap between the valleys and the leaves.

Chichak Mountain in Gangwon Province can not be missed either. From the Guryongsa Temple located in the mountain to the waterfall of Seryum you can enjoy a watercolor-like a wide range of waterfall and rocks in a 3km section along the valley. It is also spectacular with the autumnal leaves blending with the coniferous forests that rise to the sky.

Korea Fall Season Tour - SONGNISAN 01Mt. Songnisan

Chungbuk (Mt. Woelaksan, Mt. Songnisan)

Woelak Mountain Mansu Valley Natural Observation Route is a 2km trail with a mixture of autumn leaves and valleys. It is suitable for enjoying autumn leaves accompanied by elderly people and infants as well as children. In particular, the wildflower complex can be found at the beginning of the season to enjoy a variety of wildflowers and leaves of Mt. Woelaksan.

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Songni Mountain is a 2.4km low-lying trail that runs from ‘Bubjusa Temple to Saeshinjeong’. Wood decks and yellowtail gardens harmonize with nature. Some sections touch the valleys and the reservoir, and the colored leaves reflected in the water are spectacular.

Korea Fall Season Tour - ODAESAN NATIONAL PARK

Chungnam (Mt. Gyeryongsan)

Mt. Gyeryongsan National Park has a long history of Buddhist temples, such as a Gapsa temple, Shinwonsa temple, and Donghaksa temple. In particular, the autumn leaves are so beautiful that the auspicious autumn leaves are so-called ‘Spring Magok, Autumn Gapsa’. The entrance to Gyeryongsan Gapsa Temple, which is called ‘5-ri Forest’, is fascinated with autumn leaves in the fall and becomes a spectacle.

Korea Fall Season Tour

Gyeonggi (Mt. Bukhansan)

Mt. Bukhansan is a famous place for green leaves close to people in Seoul and Gyeonggi area. In particular, the two-hour round-trip Uiryeong road is the point where you can enjoy the most beautiful leaves in Bukhan Mountain. Many roads lead to the harmony of autumn with foliage.

In particular, five-rock peaks resemble those of the Obon Observatory and are considered to be the best place to take pictures in autumn, with a spectacular view surrounded by reddish-colored foliage. The number of bookings is limited to 1,000 per day, so you should make a reservation early on the weekends of the third and fourth week of Autumn Leaves in October.

Korea autumn foliage 2017 'When and where should I go?'

Gyeongbuk (Mt. Palgongsan, Mt. Juwangsan)

Mt. Palgongsan, a representative of Daegu Metropolitan City, is a spectacularly colored maple, which is painted down from the mountain to the bottom. Among them, the maple leaves of Palgongsan Autumnal Street are considered to be the most beautiful. It is 11 km from Dohak-dong Palgong Country Club in the Yongsu-dong Palgongsan to Shenzhen Land. There are more than 2,700 pictures of Wangdori Royal Cherry Blossoms and blue maple leaves.

Autumn leaves start climbing from the end of October every year and climax in early November. Using the cable car in Yongsu-dong, you can take a look at the entire Daegu, which is covered with brightly colored leaves, at 83 tower, 820m above sea level.

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Mt. Juwangsan is 3.5km from Jeolgol Support Center to Daemun Bridge, and it is good for enjoying the quiet autumn scenery blended with temples.

Korea Fall Season Tour

Gyeongnam (Mt. Jirisan, Mt. Gayasan)

The leaves of Mt. Jirisan National Park are reddish to the point of being bloody. The best of them is the ‘Piagol Jikjeon Village – Piagol three-way intersection. It takes about 4 hours to get to the 8km section including Yeonjudam, Tongilso, and Samhongso, which includes the maple leaves.

Kaya Mountain is as good as Jirisan. It is a good place to enjoy the colored leaves with your family in a low-lying trail that blends with the foliage along the Hongyu-dong Valley. The red flowing autumn leaves seem red to the water. The Hongyu-dong valley is a 4km section from the entrance of Kayasan to Haeinsa temple, and it feels like autumn with the sound of water, birds, and wind.

Korea Fall Season Tour - NAEJANGSAN 01Mt. Naejangsan

Jeonbuk (Mt. Naejangsan)

Mt. Naejangsan is beautiful throughout the year, but it is especially famous for its autumn leaves. The maple leaves are thin and small, so the leaves are beautiful and the color is beautiful. In addition to red maple trees along the Beakyang valley, there are 700-year-old oaks and visa trees.

It is good for enjoying the abundant autumn by combining Baekyangsa temple, There is also a legend about the pavilion rising from its wings, Wuwhajung is also a famous autumn spot. The view of the reddish water on the clear lake like a mirror gives an admiration.

Mt. Deogyusan is famous for gentle valleys of 4km from Gucheon-dong to Baekryonsa Temple. On the opposite side of the valley, visitors can experience the old path of ‘Gucheon-dong’ which the old folks rode on and the trail that was dyed by the foliage.

Korea Fall Season Tour - SONGNISAN 01

Jeonnam (Mt. Mudungsan)

Mudeung Mountain, which represents Jeonnam, also changes its clothes in red in autumn. The ‘Wonhyo Bunso ~ Baram Jae’ section is considered to be the most beautiful maple leaves spot, and it is a spectacular attraction. In particular, the Wonhyosa Temple Autumnal Tunnel shows its true value when the darkness disappears and dawn brightens at dawn.

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