Korea Cherry blossom blooming forecast in 2018

Korea Cherry blossom blooming forecast in 2018Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

Korea Cherry blossoms in 2018 are expected to be in late March, similar to normal years.

According to a private meteorological company ‘GBM 153 Weather‘,  cherry blossoms are likely to bloom in Jeju Island on March 25, which is similar to normal season.

The southern region is expected to bloom from March 27 to April 4, the central region will bloom from April 6 to 10, and the northern part of Gyeonggi and the north and south part of Gangwon are expected to bloom into the area after April 12.

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Korea Cherry blossom blooming forecast in 2018Lotte World Cherry Blossom Season


The cherry blossom blooming season is usually influenced by the temperature from February to March. When temperatures rise, flowers bloom early.

Until the 20th of this month, the average temperature was lower than normal due to the frequent southerly effects of cold waves in the Arctic. The March, which has a bigger impact on cherry blossom blooms, will be normal in the middle of the year, but it will be getting higher toward the end of the year.

The GBM 153 Weather official said, “As the temperature rises in late March, flowers will first bloom in Jeju.” “There will be some differences nationwide, but cherry blossoms will bloom in the same time period as normal.”

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Korea Cherry blossom blooming forecast in 2018

Considering that it takes about a week to bloom after blooming, the peak season of cherry blossoms is expected from April 1 in Jeju, from April 3 to 11 in the south, and from April 13 to April 17 in the central region. Cherry Blossom in Seoul will bloom on April 9 and climax on the 16th.

The main cherry blossom cluster is expected to be flowered on March 26, Gyeongju Bomun Tourism Complex on March 28, Hadong Ssangyese Temple Cherry Blossom Road on April 1, YoonJung-ro in Yeouido, Seoul on April 7.

The general flowering time is based on one standard tree set by the Korea Meteorological Agency, but in the case of community trees, the flowering time is when three or more flowers bloom on one branch in the representative tree (1 to 7 trees).

Korea Cherry blossom blooming forecast in 2018

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