Korea Cherry Blossom Special Editions

Korea Cherry Blossom Special Editions

GS Retail launched two kinds of cherry blossom concept limited edition products, ‘You Us Cherry Sparkling’ and ‘You Us Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom Aid’ on the 8th March in spring season.

‘You Us Cherry Sparkling’ is a limited production of 300,000 cherry blossoms in concept last year in GS25 Korea. By the beginning of April, it had been sold in full quantity, and 500,000 units had become explosively popular as they entered into additional production. A total of 800,000 units were sold before a month, leading to record sales of Coca-Cola, a popular carbonated beverage, the GS25 said.

Added to this year, “You Us Cherry Blossom Cheongpodo(green grape) Aid” has taken the sparkling product from its existing sparkling products and added white grape concentrate to take into consideration the various tastes of customers.

This year, the company will produce a total of 2 million pieces of “You Us Cherry Blossom Sparkling” and “You Us Cherry Blossom Cheongpodo Aid” in a million pieces. The products are available in the GS25 and GS supermarkets.

The ‘You Us Cherry Popcorn’ was also released as a snack product to accompany the cherry blossom outing.

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GS Retail implemented a pink color of cherry blossom through thin strawberry flavor coating on popcorn. You Us Cherry Blossom Popcorn is sold as a limited quantity of 250,000 pieces. It will be a 2 + 1 event product until the end of March for the cherry blossom season.

GS Retail hopes to have a great response to customers as it shows products based on cherry blossoms to make the spring flower festival more exciting.

Korea Cherry Blossom Special Editions

Coca-Cola recently released the limited edition of ‘Coca-Cola Cherry Edition’. ‘Coca-Cola Cherry Blossom Edition’ filled the center of the bottle with pink cherry blossoms to express the freshness of spring in order to make the feeling of the spring flower beautiful. The cherry blossoms blooming in full bloom are characterized by a sense of exhilarating springiness.

Korea Cherry Blossom Special Editions

Kooksoondang has begun exporting ‘Kooksoondang draught makkolli cherry blossom edition’ to Japan for the cherry blossom festival season.

‘Kooksoondang draught makkolli cherry blossom edition’ is a draught makgeolli product that cherry blossoms in full bloom and give a feeling of springtime cherry blossom festival. Thanks to the explosive response from Japan last year, it will be sold in Tokyo and Osaka for two consecutive years.

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The product is the same product as Kuksundang rice wine which is distributed in Korea. According to the company, the fermentation control method, which is a patented technology of Kwun SoonDang, is applied to cool the carbonic acid produced during fermentation and the unique sour taste of raw rice wine.

Dongseo Food launched Spring Limited Edition ‘Maxim Kanu Spring Blend Americano’.

‘Maxim Kanu Spring Blend Americano’ is a product made from roasted Ethiopian beans. It packed the images of pink color and cherry blossoms into the package so that people could feel the atmosphere of spring.

Dongseo Food also introduced ‘Kanu Spring Blend Americano’, a new TV commercial of ‘Maxim Kanu Spring Blend Americano’. The ad is made with the theme of “Coffee Calling Spring.” It consists of a sharing narration in which the bubble drops and the cherry blossoms are scattered and “Spring is better because of Kanu.”

Korea Cherry Blossom Special Editions

SPC Samlip has also released five limited editions ‘Cherry Blossom Series’ as a concept of ‘Spring Day, Some’ event.

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