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FAQS for Photo Snaps 고객님들이 자주 물어보는 질문들

Q. What do I need to do before the trip?

Simply make your booking, date and time and any other relevant information for us to create the best photos. We’ll arrange everything else. Once we have everything set up we will contact you to confirm the final details.

Q. When will you confirm my reservation?

We’ll confirm your reservation as soon as possible. It normally takes up in a few hours during working hours but during the weekend or holiday it would take up 24 hours. However, you can always send us messages in various way if you need. Using our Official Facebook page messaging would be the easiest way to reach us.

Q. How do I make the payment?
Payments are made through the payment gateway provided by a PayPal service. You can pay with your credit/debit card. If you are not sure, please click this helpful article about your payment on HaB Korea. “How to make your payment on HaB Korea.net”

Q. Can the photographer take a photograph with a raw file format?
Yes, we can. However, If you want to convert raw files to a Jpg file format (or both), there will be an additional $50 charge. You may also bring your own memory card to get your raw format photographs without extra charge. (Note: We are not responsible for any problems caused by using the memory card you have brought in yourself.)

Q. How and when will I get my photos?

Once your booking has confirmed, we will send you all the details about your photo session including Google Drive Sharing link. Your photos will be uploaded after your photo session within 24 ~ 48 hours. If you are not familiar with Google Drive, please click to see this helpful article “How to download your photos from shared Google Drive link”

Q. What’s the best time of the day for photoshoot?

The simple answer is that the best time for your Korea photo shoot is when you feel most energized and happy. Factors such as biorhythm, jet lag, and a host of other factors can make a difference. If you are not sure, please click to see this helpful article. “How it works”

Q. How to get around my photo shoot session?

Getting around any city with a good transportation infrastructure (like what you’ll find in Korea) is not difficult. Yet, when it comes to getting around quickly and comfortably during your photo shoot, time is indeed money and some ways of getting around simply trump others.

Fortunately, Korea is quite pedestrian-friendly and good infrastructure for public transportation such as subway, bus, Taxi.

Yet, some locations are simply geographically too far apart from Seoul. eg.Nami island, Petite France. In this case, you need to arrange a private vehicle. We are a group of travel professionals, so you can arrange your own vehicle and driver via us. Or you can purchase a tour shuttle bus.

If you feel like you would like to get around easier or comfortably, you can also request private transportation. You may also consider our “Photography Tour” which already includes a private vehicle with hotel pick-up and drop-off.

Q. Are children (or babies) included in the number of people?

The reasons why some service areas have a child discount policy, simply because children have a smaller capacity of services than adults. For example, children eat much less than adults so the restaurant could offer the “Children Discount” menu or service. However, taking a child or baby photo usually requires more effort than an adult. Hanbok rental and other expenses regarding photo shoot session are also treated the same as adults. So, there is no “Children Discount” for the photography package.

Q. What if it rains on the day of the shoot?

Then that would be the best time to take out your best umbrella and have lots of fun dancing in the rain. But.. if you’re not up for that, we’ll try our best to reschedule your session for another time. Here’s a tip though, check the weather forecast at your destination a week prior to your shoot date.

Q. How will the photos be edited?

The photos that will be ready to be downloaded will be lightly edited with color adjustments. However, your photographer or HaB Korea admins can select some of your photos and improve them by editing or retouching. In that case, those photos will be uploaded in the separate folder. You may also request personal editing of your photos with extra cost.

Q. Will my pictures be shared?

We love to feature our customers' photos and our photographers’ works on our blog or social media channels. However, if you prefer to keep it private, please let us know in advance or let your photographer on your shooting date.

Q. What’s the difference between traditional hanbok and themed hanbok?

Traditional Hanbok is a simple and elegant design that Korean people wear on holidays or special occasions. It is treated as a basic option in most hanbok rental shops and forms the lowest price range from KRW 10,000 won.

Themed Hanbok is more popular among young people because it has a more colorful and pattern than the traditional Hanbok. These new forms of hanbok are also called referred to as “fusion hanbok” in Korea, and give off a different ambiance than the “modernized hanbok”. The cost of rentals for themed hanbok is normally 2 times higher than traditional hanbok special-purpose hanboks such as wedding hanbok are quite expensive.
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