#1 Korea Photographer - How it works for your best photos

Whether you’ve already booked your Korea travel photoshoot or are still on the lookout for the perfect Korea photographer, this page is where you’ll find the information you absolutely need to confidently prepare even before you arrive in Korea.

Korea Photographer – How it works

Korea Photographer - Travel snap - How it works

Our goal is to inspire a Korea photo session you’ll totally fall in love with, and sensitize you to important decisions you’ll have to make along the way to ensure optimal fun and flow.

Above all, we want you to enjoy and enhance your travel experience in several ways We outlined a 4-step process to help you ace your own Korea photoshoot session.

Korea Photographer - Travel snap - How it works

Step 1—Book your Korea photoshoot session

Booking your Korea photoshoot session with us is simple:

Check the availability for your preferred date(s) and indicate the starting time at the memo on the payment page.; our calendar fills up quickly all year round and we book on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If you have any sample pictures that want to sample pictures that you want to take, you can send an email to our CS team. We will share it with your photographer and give you more information on photoshoot details, including meeting point, starting time, hours of coverage, and more.

Korea Photographer

Step 2: Prepare for your Korea photoshoot like a Pro

In fact, the amount of fun, natural flow, and stunning photographs you should expect are often directly related to the time you invest in your preparations … and how well you communicate with your photographer.

When you work with HaB Korea, your expectations should be sky-high … we love what we do and really care about your experience. That’s why we encourage you to consider the following essential elements of Korea photoshoot preparation.

What’s the best time of the day to do your Korea photoshoot session?

The simple answer is that the best time for your Korea photoshoot is when you feel most energized and happy. Factors such as biorhythm, jet lag, and a host of other factors can make a difference.

That said, our favorite times of the day are sunrise and evening, including twilight, the magical Blue Hour, and nighttime … and here’s why:

Jeju Professional Portrait Snaps by Yoki SJ Photography

Sunrise or Sunset photo sessions — the “Golden Hour”

  • The golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky.
  • The time when the sun slowly appears above the horizon in the morning: dawn or daybreak
  • The only time of the day to get photos at your favorite Korean backdrops without distracting tourists
  • Flattering lighting conditions
  • Great opportunity for awesome silhouettes photography
  • More privacy for your photo session

Korea Photographer - Travel snap - How it works

Evening (twilight) photo sessions — the “Blue Hour”

  • The period when the day is ending and the night is beginning
  • The most magically romantic time of the day
  • Soft, flattering light ensures no squinting in photos, no blown out shadow details in your outfits, and no distracting shadows
  • Priceless opportunity to get both daylight and nighttime photos within a single hour

Korea Photographer - Travel snap - How it works

What locations can be recommended for your Korea photoshoot session?

Your choice of locations—the spots where you and your partner will have your pictures taken—extends to every other element of your Korea photoshoot, including logistics, privacy, and energy.

In turn, the combination of your locations will determine the variety of your gallery, the fun-factor, and how you’ll remember your time in Korea. Our favorite locations depend a little on the time of the day and the temperament of the customers, but here are a few popular spots to consider:

There are many more great locations of course, and keep in mind that some of your favorite photos may come from locations in between your primary locations.

Korea Photographer - Travel snap - How it works

How to get around your photoshoot session?

Getting around any city with a good transportation infrastructure (like what you’ll find in Korea) is not difficult. Yet, when it comes to getting around quickly and comfortably during your photoshoot, time is indeed money, and some ways of getting around simply trump others.

Fortunately, Korea is quite pedestrian-friendly and good infrastructure for public transportation such as subway, bus, Taxi.

Yet, some locations are simply geographically too far apart from Seoul. eg.Nami island, Petite France. In this case, you need to arrange a private vehicle. We are a group of travel professionals, so you can arrange your own vehicle and driver via us. Or you can purchase a tour shuttle bus.

Korea Photographer - Travel snap - How it works

Attire & accessories—what should you wear for your Korea photoshoot session?

When it comes to attire choices for your Korea photoshoot, there are no hard rules. It depends a little on you, the nature of your photo session, and the duration of commissioned photography coverage. It can be casual or formal or even a combination of both. You can also rent Korea traditional costumes (Hanbok).

That said, here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Dress for how you’d like to be seen in your photos
  • Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident
  • Consider wearing layers on cold days
  • For perfect silhouette photos, dark, tightly-fitted outfits work best (avoid white)
  • Depending on the weather report, you may want to include a stylish umbrella

Hanbok photoshoot

Which props work best for your Korea photoshoot session?

Well, imagination has no limitations when it comes to props …We favor the generous usage of creative props that are within character for you as long as they distract you from unwanted camera awareness while encouraging natural connection.

Korea Photographer - Travel snap - How it works

Step 3: The day of your photoshoot session

Congratulations! You’ve prepared well, and now it’s time to simply relax and enjoy your time in Korea.

  • Check the weather forecast: you can change the photoshoot date if you don’t want to do it on a rainy day. But please note it should be done at least 1 week in advance.
  • Pack lightly and consider leaving precious items back at your hotel so you can focus on connecting with your partner, and not worry about your belongings
  • Ladies: bring a pair of comfortable shoes that you can easily slip into;
  • Consider dressing in layers in case it’s chilly outside
  • Feel free to bring along any sample pictures that you want to take.
  • Aim to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before your scheduled starting time so you’re relaxed and ready to go
  • Speak up when you have great ideas or would like to spontaneously take advantage of unplanned locations
  • Trust in the process—you’ve exercised judgment in hiring the right artist for you … so now let her work her magic

Hanbok photoshoot

Step 4: After photo session—getting your photos

After your photoshoot session, you’ll presumably be on Google drive … and anxious to see all your amazing photos. We take great pride in our ability to process your photos quickly and deliver them safely anywhere in the world.

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You’ll receive the Google Drive sharing link of your personal online gallery

Soon after your shoot (typically within 24-48 hours). You will receive all the photos (including B cut) during your photo session via Google Drive link. The sophisticated level of retouching the photograph depends on the photographer however you will get high-quality photos that already done simple retouching.

Korea Photographer - Travel snap - How it works

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