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Korea Ski Resort - Pyeongchang Alpensia Ski Resort

Located at an altitude of 700 meters, the heaven for skiers

Alpensia Resort, located approx. 184km from Seoul in Daegwallyeong, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, is a tourism & leisure complex open year round, allowing visitors to enjoy the area’s pristine natural beauty throughout each of the four seasons. The name ‘Alpensia’ is a combination of the words ‘Alpen,’ (German term for ‘the Alps’), ‘Asia,’ and ‘Fantasia’—together they reflect the resort’s scenic view of the ‘fantastic Alps of Asia.’

The complex boasts a variety of super deluxe luxury accommodations and top-notch leisure facilities such as a 45-hole golf course, convention center, water park and ski slopes. The resort successfully hosted the IBU Biathlon World Cup Pyeongchang in 2008 and boasts excellent ski jump and biathlon facilities, a monorail, cross-country ski slopes, and a large stadium. After a hard day out on the slopes or golf course, visitors can head to the sky lounge, ecology learning center, or Retail Village shopping mall. The resort is also adjacent to many other tourist attractions such as Odaesan Mountain, Samyang Sheep Ranch, Korea Botanic Garden, Lee Hyo-Seok Memorial Hall, and Herbnara Farm.

The six regular slopes and training courses featured with the vast background of Daegwallyeong provide a magnificent view as if the snow is pouring from the mountain peak. Also, the apron zone at the bottom of the slope turns into a 100,000 m2 wildflower garden during the off-season.

Korea Ski Resort - Pyeongchang Alpensia Ski Resort

The ski resort for all of the family, couple skiers and snowboarders

Alpensia Ski Resort offers six slopes specialized for snowboarders and skiers, and the 1.4km slope designed for beginner/intermediate-level boarders/skiers allows for a dynamic skiing experience not only for skilled skiers but also for beginners. Also, a variety of facilities are prepared including the sledding slope for all family members, the Ski House for various types of rentals and equipment repairs, and the Sky Hill Lounge where you can relax at the top of the ski resort.

From the beginners through to expert riders!

Officially approved by the Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS), the seven Alpensia ski slopes which include one sledding slope are designed with international standards, and the ski resort has facilities that can accommodate a maximum of 3,000 people at once featuring three lifts (one 4-person lift, two 6-person lifts).

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The slopes are organized according to different levels, such as the beginner course, intermediate-level course, advanced course and expert course, in order to meet the skiers’ preferences and levels. Alpensia Ski Resort has successfully held numerous international games including the Daegwallyeong FIS CUP Ski Competition, PSA PRO TOUR Championships, Technical Board and Ski Contest.

In the case of 700 G.C., it is designed so that it can be used as a cross country and biathlon stadium during the winter season where the national team members and prospective winter sports players can train themselves.

Alpensia Ski Resort obtained the A-Certificate from the International Biathlon Union and was able to successfully finish the Biathlon World Cup PyeongChang 2008, Biathlon World Championships PyeongChang 2009, Winter Olympics test events for Cross Country, Nordic Combined World Cup, and Biathlon World Cup in February and March 2017, and the Biathlon, Cross Country, Nordic Combined and other games in 2018 Winter Olympics PyeongChang.

A natural environment with an optimal quality of snow and temperature

The clean area of Daegwallyeong located at an altitude of 700 meters is the most suitable for human biorhythms, and the view of Alpensia Ski Resort surrounded by the stunning natural environment of Daegwallyeong will be stamped on the skiers’ memory for forever and more.

The lowest average winter temperature in Korea recorded as a negative 3.1 degrees and the superb quality of snow that is also known as ‘powder snow’ created by the snow clouds formed at the East Sea passing over the high and rough Taebaek Mountains are considered as the appealing characteristics only found in Alpensia Resort. Besides, Alpensia Ski Resort operates snow vehicles starting from every night until the arrival of the first guest in order to secure guests’ safety and to provide pleasant riding experiences.

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