[Korea Ski Tours] How to skiing for beginners

[Korea Ski Tours] How to skiing for beginners

Skiing is the exercise that uses the whole body’s muscles, so it is necessary to give proper stretching before skiing. If you experience pain on your thighs when you ski without stretching, or if your legs become tired easily, you lose balance and fall, and everyone will have a chance. It is said that muscles and joints are contracted while using muscles that are not normally used when skiing. So before you go skiing, you should try stretching.

Balance – snow is slippery! Trying to balance whilst sliding down a mountain isn’t easy! You need a stance that is comfortable but stable on the move.

Dress Code – Stay warm! It is best to check the weather forecast every morning before you get dressed to make sure you keep warm and can see!

  • Sunglasses for the sun, goggles for the shade/cloud!
  • Don’t wear cotton under layer or you’ll get cold! Have a thermal layer next to your skin.
  • Use layers of clothes, not big jumpers – it keeps you much warmer!
  • Only wear one pair of socks – more will actually make your feet colder!
  • Make sure your outside layer is waterproof – especially your bottom half!
  • Make sure you have lots of pocket space! You can take off layers when you get hot and carry extra ones in case the temperature drops…

Protect your skin – from the sun, wind and cold! Snow reflects the sun’s rays which is great for tanning but you don’t feel its power so pack plenty of sun cream. Some sun cream also coats your skin in a protective layer which stops wind and cold burn too…

Run/trail color-coding – All pistes are given a color code that reflects their difficulty! Green slopes are the easiest, then blue, red and blacks are the most difficult. Ski with care and don’t dive in the deep end first thing in the morning or late afternoon!

Insurance – accidents can happen. Make sure you get travel insurance that includes winter sports cover.

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Pflug fahren

The basic skills of skiing are “Pflug Fahren” and “Pflug Bogen“. The first thing you should know about skiers is the Pflug Fahren. The Pflug Fahren is the attitude that helps to balance the power of the two legs and not to lose balance. It is a motion to stop by making A shape by widening the back part of the ski plate while descending straight. A beginner can shrink or fall because he is afraid of speed. If you put your heel out further, it will slow down, so please practice.

[Korea Ski Tours] How to skiing for beginners

If you are fully familiar with the Pflug Fahren, you will have to learn Pflug Bogen techniques to apply the Purges to the S-shaped turn. The Pflug Bogen will turn right when you put the center of gravity to the right in the Pflug Bogen state, which is the Pflug Bogen (S shape) type basic action. It can be said that the key to the novice escape is to naturally connect to the posture of the Pflug Bogen from the Pflug Fahren. If there is no significant progress in the plow movements, it is important to work out with the spirit of enjoying skiing after resolving the psychological factors that frighten you.

[Korea Ski Tours] How to skiing for beginners

Finally, what skiers need to know is the importance of ‘slope selection’. If you have been practicing for a beginner’s course and have been feeling a bit of the Pflug Fahren (A shape) and the Pflug Bogen (S shape), then it’s a good idea to use intermediate courses. Sometimes, you can not tolerate boredom, and there are those who are skilled in intermediate or intermediate-level slopes. Be especially careful because it is a dangerous behavior that can damage not only you but also others.

[Korea Ski Tours] How to skiing for beginners


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