Korea to designate Hong Kong and Macau as “Contaminated areas”, tighten quarantine inspections

In a regular press briefing on Wednesday, the KCDC also said that it will designate Hong Kong and Macau outside mainland China as “Contaminated areas” at midnight on February 20 to tighten quarantine inspections.

Korea to designate Hong Kong and Macau as "Contaminated areas", tighten quarantine inspections

Hong Kong has confirmed cases of community infection due to the increase in the number of patients, and Macau has decided that quarantine management is necessary due to the high possibility of the inflow of patients through the region.

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In addition, travel history information for countries and regions where community infections have been identified is provided to medical institutions.

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In addition, the KCDC Headquarters stressed the need for special attention and cooperation of inbound visitors from the region as the infections are ongoing in the Chinese community.

He said, “If you travel to China within the last 14 days, you should refrain from outside activities, observe hand washing and cough etiquette, and closely observe whether you develop fever or respiratory symptoms (such as cough, sore throat, dyspnea, etc.).

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In particular, the general public pointed out the importance of thoroughly doing personal hygiene, such as washing hands and following cough etiquette, and repeatedly asked the medical institution to actively cooperate with infection control measures, such as limiting visitors, as it is highly likely that the infection will spread quickly if it occurs.

Korea to designate Hong Kong and Macau as "Contaminated areas", tighten quarantine inspections

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