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[Updated] Earn your point and get rewarded; 10 Points = $1

HaB Korea Member Point Rank system

HaB Korea has implemented the “Point Reward” system from 21st June 2018. We are very excited to launch this new program and begin rewarding our members and customers for any activities on habkorea.net website such as write a new post on the Korea travel forum or comment, sign up, login, daily visits, and more!

How to Earn your Points:

You can automatically earn your points through these activities on habkorea.net 

1 point: Daily visit and login habkorea.net or comment on the forum
2 points: Write a new post on the forum, or write a comment on the magazine article
3 points: sign up on habkorea.net as a member (see how to sign up)
5 points: Subscribe to Magazine HaB Korea

HaB Korea team will give you some special points by your request when,

10 points: If you share your travel experiences in Korea by article submission. You will earn your point when your article is published in Magazine HaB Korea.

15 points
: Write a 5-stars-review on TripAdvisor, Book your tours or activities (must be over $50) on habkorea.net

(☆ Note: In case of reviewing on TripAdvisor, you must let us know when your review go live)

How to use your Points: updated on 20 January 2020

10 Points = 1 HaB Korea Credit Point (USD $1)

10 points can be used for the same value as one dollar when you book any type of activity. The maximum points you can use for each booking is 1,000 Points (same as $100 worth) and your HaB Korea Rewards Points cannot be transferred.

Our Rewards Program is only available through HaB Korea website, therefore points are only awarded through those activities made on this site.

Find out more: https://www.habkorea.net/introducing-hab-korea-point-rewards-program/
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                  Plan your Cherry Blossom trip now – 2019 Korea Cherry blossom blooming forecast

                  It’s the cherry blossom season in about two months from now. The cold winter will be gone and the starting of a sunny spring by the time then.  Book Korea Cherry...
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                  Asia’s Top Creators Selected Through Most Rigorous Competition to Meet in Seoul on the 28th

                  Top creators from Asian countries selected through rigorous competition will gather at Seoul’s DDP in February 2019. Together with WeWork, a platform that offers space, communities, and services to creators...
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                  6 Fun activities for Valentine’s Day in Seoul

                  Valentine’s Day takes some getting used to for Westerners in Korea, as it is almost the reverse of how the holiday is celebrated in English-speaking countries. Koreans follow the Japanese...
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                  BLACKPINK performs live at Universal Music’s Grammy Artist Showcase

                  K-pop girl group BLACKPINK made a successful U.S. debut at Universal Music’s Grammy Artist Showcase in Los Angeles, Saturday (local time), alongside heavy-hitters Post Malone, Greta Van Fleet and Ella...
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                  BTS at Grammy Awards 2019: ‘It’s a Dream Come True Moment’

                  K-pop megastar boy group BTS wrote history as it became the first Korean band to present at the Grammy Awards, and they seemingly enjoyed every moment of their night out...
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                  BTS has arrived at Los Angeles International Airport, #BTSinAmerica trends worldwide

                  😅😅👋👋 다녀옵니다 pic.twitter.com/a8Xujll85o— 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) February 9, 2019 BTS has arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to prepare for the 2016 Grammy Awards. The official event will be held...
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                  YG's new boy group TREASURE 13

                  YG Entertainment’s New Boy band ‘TREASURE 13’

                  TREASURE and MAGNUM, two boy bands in the making, will be combined into TREASURE 13 for a collective debut as one band in May at the earliest. The 13 in...
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                  Tomorrow X Together, BTS’ brother group will release music on March 4

                  Big Hit Entertainment’s new boy band Tomorrow X Together (TXT) will make their official debut on March 4, the agency announced Thursday. That day, the five-member group will appear on...
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                  UC Berkeley open academic course of BTS

                  A student-run academic course introducing K-pop icon BTS and delving into its global success has been established at the University of California, Berkeley, the university’s website showed Friday. The course,...
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