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Plan the perfect trip to South Korea; share your story, KPOP things, ask a question, earn your points

What a nice website! See you soon in Korea!

This is the first impression of the site: What a nice website!

And I’ve become a tour guide and planning manager of HAB Korea.

We keep making and operating tour programs at a reasonable price.

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Hope to see you someday in Korea :)

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      i don't know

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        please guide me

        • 2018-07-13 11:40

          Great~ Chukhahaeyo~~~

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          [Limited Edition] Discover Seoul Pass with PyeongChang

          ‘Discover Seoul Pass’ PyeongChang limited edition open

          On November 1st, the city of Seoul has released a special edition of ‘Discover Seoul Pass‘ PyeongChang, which can receive up to 50% discount on large resorts and sightseeing spots...
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          Seoul Lantern Festival

          On the coming Friday, the ‘Seoul Light Lantern Festival’

          On the coming Friday, the ‘Seoul Light Lantern Festival’, which allows visitors to enjoy the mood of autumn nights, will come to the citizens. According to the Seoul Metropolitan City...
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          Song Song Wedding Photo

          Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo’s wedding pictures unveiled

          On October 31, wedding photos of Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo were unveiled at the Youngbingwan of Shilla Hotel in Seoul. The two places where the photos are published are...
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          Lee Seung Gi is Back!

          Actor and singer Lee Seung Gi was discharged from his duty on the 31st October. Lee Seung Gi was formally discharged from the military at Jeungpyeong County in North Chungcheong Province,...
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          Korea Fall Season Tour - SONGNISAN 01

          Hidden Autumn scenery, Asan Gokgyocheon Ginkgo road

          Every year, in the fall, where do you go to take pictures? Among them, Asan Gokgyocheon Ginkgo road is a place where you can fully enjoy the feeling of late...
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          Autumn freeze over in Korea

          Temperatures are expected to be lower than normal on 30 October and tomorrow (31 October), with some inland and mountainous areas going down to zero in the morning. The Meteorological...
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          Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-gyo getting married

          Song Song Wedding, Park Bo-gum will play the piano

          There have already heard from the news that the top stars of the ‘Song Song Couple’ wedding have been out in full bloom. On October 30, Song Joong Ki’s agency,...
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          The Unit and MIXNINE main

          Rain’s ‘The Unit’ vs YG’s ‘MIXNINE’

          Another good thing about watching the Survival Audition program is the gem-like appraisal of judges. KBS2 ‘The Unit’ was broadcast on the 28th and JTBC ‘Mix Nine’ on the 29th...
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          5 Scenes of Halloween Day in Korea

          Halloween Day (October 31) is just around the corner. Halloween Day was originated in the European Celtic tradition of decorating itself with ghosts on the last day of the year,...
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