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The Impact of the Korean Wave on the arrival of tourists, a comparison of the perspective of Tourists and Natives - Research



Tourism in South Korea: The Impact of the Korean Wave on the arrival of tourists, a comparison of the perspective of Tourists and Natives


First of all, I would like to thank you for taking part in this research. I´m a 3rd year Cultural Anthropology student at the University of Palacky in Czech Republic. This questionnaire is a part of the research for my bachelor's thesis on Tourism in South Korea.

All of the questions in this questionnaire are open-ended, which means that the respondent is free to answer the questions as she/ he deems appropriate. Please, write longer answers, don´t answer with just one word or one sentence. Take it as a form of a dialogue, where you are free to talk as much as you would like. The longer your answers are going to be, the more accurate the research will be.

In the questionnaire, I will not ask any of your personal data other than those listed in column respondent, because it's better to write which age groups I looked at, while doing my research. But, otherwise, I won't ask for any personal information.

If there are any questions about my research, feel free to contact me on my email:


If the email address does not work, please send the answers on my personal email:






Length of stay in South Korea:



 1. Which association comes to your mind first with the phrase South Korea?




2. What was your first experience with the culture of South Korea?




3. Was your first experience mediated through a friend, acquaintance, family or did you get associated with it other way?



4. Are you a fan of Korean pop culture? If yes, why?




5. What role does pop culture play in your daily life?




6. Why did you decide to visit Korea?




7. Have you decided to visit this country based on your previous experience with Korean culture?




8. Did someone from your family, acquaintances or loved ones motivate you to visit this country?




9. Have you noticed any differences in terms of tourism in recent years (number of tourists, new destinations, reasons for their visit)?




10. What do you think could motivate tourists to come to Korea (internal motivation)?




11. Are you familiar with the concept of Korean Wave or Hallyu?




12. Which elements of the Korean wave, according to you, are most popular among tourists and cause their interest in the country?




13. What do you think is the main reason for the popularity of Korean culture among tourists?



14. What attractions or locations would you recommend to the tourists as a native? Would you recommend the most popular sites or sites that are not often listed in the Guides? Why?




15. What is your favorite location in South Korea and why? How did you find this location?




16. Do you think that the Korean Wave will continue to attract people and thus result in their interest in this country?




17. Does Korean Wave affect your everyday life? If yes, how?




18. Do you think that foreigners are interested in Korea mainly thanks to the Korean Wave? Or can you think of other reasons, too?




19. What else could be the source of the country´s popularity?




20. Does tourism affect your everyday life? If yes, how?




21. How much do you think tourism contributes to the overall wealth of the nation?




22. If tourism did not exist, how much poorer would a region or an economy be in terms of wealth and jobs?




23. What are the key tourism industries in Korea? Which do you think supports the most jobs?





24. What do you think is the most popular way of transportation among tourists? How do they get to the country and travel in the country? Which type do you prefer?




25. What type of accommodation do you think is the most popular among tourists and why? Which type do you prefer?




26. What do you think could be the most popular way of eating for foreigners? What way of eating do you prefer?




27. Which restaurants are the most popular among tourists and why? (Korean cuisine, western food, ...)




28. Do you think tourism in South Korea is going to continue growing thanks to the Korean Wave? Or do you think that the phenomenon already had its peak in popularity?




29. Could you think of any negative economic impacts associated with tourism? If yes, what could it be?




30. What would you recommend to the future tourists to not forget at home before their trip to South Korea?




31. How would you characterize Koreans, what are they like?




Wolffie Wolffie (9 Point) · 2020-11-13 02:13 · Views 15209
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