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Tour Attraction : Everland Theme Park

Everland is South Korea's largest theme park. Located at the Everland Resort in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do, it receives 7.3 million visitors annually[2] and was ranked sixteenth in the world for amusement park attendance in 2014.[2] Along with its main attractions, Everland includes a zoo and water park known as Caribbean Bay. Everland is operated by Samsung C&T Corporation (formerly known as Samsung Everland, Cheil Industries), which is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group.

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CHARLIE CHARLIE (24 Point) · 2018-07-05 16:46 · Views 28296
Total 4

  • 2018-07-09 13:16

    WOw! Such a wonderful place. Hope to visit soon.

    • 2018-07-09 16:18

      Do you have an idea how much is the entrance fees of the amusement park, zoo and water park?

      • 2018-07-09 17:15

        35bucks on our website!
        it is 50bucks on-site

        • 2018-07-09 20:27


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