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How to makeup like a Goo Hara

Korean make-up is taking the world by storm. The good news is that you can experience it yourself when visiting Korea through the service offered by habkorea.net.

What’s Korean Makeup and how is it different from western makeup?

Korean Cosmetics and Make-up Trending Worldwide

Hollywood stars whose famous for their boldness in style, fashion, and color directs an impact of a night of glamour and it mostly speaks a lot about how it will reflect their make up trends. Kim Kardashian, Jeffree Star, and other social media influencers have their own signature or statement make up. Western makeup is mostly dark and bold. From smoky eyeshadows to popping bright red lipsticks, with defined arched eyebrows and blinding highlighters.  Korea with its K-idols and K-fashion industry sets trends on the type of make-up style will be in in the next season. In 2018, the Korean make-up trend that blew the netizens was the “Dewy” makeup style. It’s a style where you glow like it’s the first dew of spring, matched with fresh spring colors and very light pink/peach tones. The goal of Korean make-up is to be as natural as possible. In contrast to the western style where its glam and edgy: Korean makeup is subtle and soft.

Korean Cosmetics and Make-up Trending Worldwide

Kpop Idol Ambassadors of Korean Cosmetics

So, are there any circumstances where a product of a certain Korean brand was used by a Kpop idol and immediately sold itself out the shelves? Yes! There are tons of them. Most famous products will be lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and even accessories.

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Korea has the most sophisticated and effective skincare lines and make-up, and if you’ll check there are tons of brands that provides every bling and sparkle your face needs.

Here are the top 10 of the most famous brands in Korea:

  1. Etude House
  2. Face Shop
  3. Skinfood
  4. 3CE
  5. COSRX
  6. Nature Republic
  7. Innisfree
  8. IOPE
  9. Banila.co
  10. Too Cool for School

Korean Cosmetics and Make-up Trending Worldwide

Not just in Korea: Korean Cosmetics has Branches Worldwide.

Etude House, Face Shop, and Skinfood is very famous outside Korea. In the Philippines, each high-end mall or shopping galleries houses one of these three, sometimes all three of them in one mall. Etude Houses’ brand ambassadors are Red Velvet. Recently, they released a Velvet lipstick line with each members wearing specific colors in the collection. If you are a Red Velvet fan, and you wish to look more like Irene, you’ll definitely love every second of shopping. Face shop last year released a collaboration with Got7 members. Korean cosmetics and skincare are way forward.

Men and Skincare and Cosmetics: Yes! Not just Women!

Korea is one of the few countries which prioritizes skincare. Their love for their skin and complexion is one main agent of their effective skincare routines and lines. In other places, makeup is still associated only to women and still harbors some stigma about masculinity whenever men use skincare and makeup. But, in Korea, men take good care of their skin. Without the bias of social norm and masculinity, they pamper their skin because they really take good care of it. As what I have mentioned earlier, Got7 (a JYP KPOP idol group) advertised face shop with their “Men” skincare line. Mediheal, a famous brand in Korea and their popular facemasks were advertised by no other than “BTS” Kpop idol sensation from BigHit Entertainment who took the world by storm by ranking number 1 at Billboard. This shows, that Korean cosmetics and skincare has no gender bias in Korea  That love for health and wellness is what matters in the end.

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Korean Cosmetics and Make-up Trending Worldwide

Travel Korea and have Personal Korean Makeup Artist!

Look like one of your favorite Kpop Idols!

Now that you learned about the Korean Makeup trend, you have this urge to try one for yourself, not just by other people but by trained professional Korean makeup stylist and artist! You can choose the location where the makeup artist’s service is needed. Traveling at the Land of the Morning calm with smooth and pearl-like features which rings out your elegance. Look no further! habkorea.net offers this service.

Its simple and easy, just click the link below and you will be redirected to our page. From there on you can choose the package that you want, how many people, and book right away!

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