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Korean passport ‘3rd most powerful’ in the world

Korean passport '3rd most powerful' in the world

The Japanese passport has been picked as the most powerful means of identification for traveling abroad.

Japanese passport holders can travel to 189 countries without obtaining a prior visa. Korean passport holders can travel to 187 countries with a visa given on arrival.

According to the 2018 Henley & Partners passport index, the Japanese identification ranked No. 1 in terms of the number of visa-free countries holders can visit. The index surveyed a total of 199 different passports. Singaporean and German passports were second with access to 188 territories.

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The Korean passport tied for No. 3 along with Finnish, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish passports. The Korean passport allowed access to 170 countries last time when the global citizenship and residence advisory firm revealed its passport index.

Japanese and Singaporean passports were tied for the top spot then. North Korean passport ranked 92nd along with Iranian and Congolese passports. North Koreans can travel to 43 countries without a visa. In 2015, they had access to 44 territories, which dropped to 42 in 2016.

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Last year, North Koreans were only able to travel 40 destinations without a visa. The Afghan passport ranked the lowest at 105th with access to only 24 countries. Syria and Pakistan ranked 103rd and 102nd, respectively.


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