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Korean reaction to KARD – GUNSHOT M/V, Dance Practice

Do you know a K-Pop group named KARD? KARD, consisting of BM, J.Seph, Somin and Jiwoo, debuted in 2016 and released a string of hits including “Hola Hola” (2017) and “Bomb Bomb” (2019). This mixed-gender group boasts a solid international fandom, particularly in South America.

The four-piece group has experimented from its beginnings in 2016, diving into genres that were not yet in vogue in Korea. But thanks to the genres’ worldwide popularity and the band’s compelling performances, KARD rose to global stardom and formed a solid international fandom, especially in South America.One of the videos that many KPOP fans like is reaction video.

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It is to share their appreciation by watching KPOP artists’ music videos or stage videos. By uploading reaction videos, they can share what they felt with other fans. As KARD has more international fans than Korean fans, you can find so many English comments when you watch some reaction videos to KARD.

kard gunshot

The international fans of KARD feel sorry that KARD deserves much more attention from the domestic fans. As releasing this new song, GUNSHOT, I guess KARD will more focus on Korean market than ever. And once Korean people notice how talented KARD is, it will be just a problem of time before KARD becomes super popular in Korea, as well.

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kard gunshot habkorea

The album’s name ‘Way With Words’ means ‘You’re a smooth talker.’ This ironic sentence also means KARD’s stinginess toward those who do not know the power of words. Through “Way With Words,” KARD sings “The Power of Words”. KARD’s powerful style of performing was added to such a profound message.

Through this album, I hope that KARD, who is about to join the military, will actively spread its message to diverse fans.

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