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Korean Researchers develop ‘self-diagnosis within 30 minutes’ technology for COVID19

Diagnosis technology is being developed that can determine whether or not you are infected with COVID-19 without having to go to a COVID-19 screening center.

The Korean research team is working hard to develop vaccines and treatments to quell the coronavirus through the development of a high-risk pathogen infection model and the study of the national disaster epidemic.

The gene diagnosis technology of South Korea using today takes about six hours to diagnose an infection in 20 to 30 minutes.

This is an immune diagnosis technology that can be applied if antibodies are available for coronavirus detection within the next six weeks.

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Lim Lim-Kyung / Korea Research Institute of Bionano Research Center: In previous cases, some professional-level skills of experts were needed or people should go to a quarantine area to check if there was an infection, and this kit was easy for us to buy in South Korea. We don’t need a gene amplifier or any other equipment, so we can quickly and easily determine whether or not COVID-19 is infected.

Lee Kyu-sun / Director of Bio-Nano Research Center at the Korea Research Institute of Biotechnology: Diagnosis within 30 minutes is our first goal. The second goal is to provide self-isolated patients with simple diagnostic kits that they can diagnose themselves without actually going to a COVID-19 screening center.

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Vaccine and treatment research are also accelerating, with COVID-19 virus protein vaccine candidate material being developed and currently being evaluated for performance.

Jung Dae-kyun / Korea Biotech Research Center for Infectious Diseases: We have now completed the development of candidate substances for protein vaccines against the virus. So we’re doing an efficacy assessment on the candidate material.

Meanwhile, South Korea has been conducted a COVID-19 test of 196,618 people as of this morning.

Source: YTN News

Korean Researchers develop 'self-diagnosis within 30 minutes' technology for COVID19

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